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Social networks the campaigns are collecting tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of likes, they are fun, playful and, above all, original. We like the luxurious Tiffany & Co. campaigns not only for these reasons.

The Unique Campaigns of Tiffany & Co are Adored by the Whole World and it is Little Wonder!

Martina Šmalclová
24.Aug 2018
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Originality is shaking up the world of social media

The Tiffany & Co. campaigns undoubtedly belong to the most thought-through and entertaining of all. One of the last, sub-headed NYC, in which the luxury brand presents jewellery in different parts of New York, met with such great acclaim that some of the contributions count over quarter million likes and it is a considerable number, don't you think?

In addition to the NYC campaign there is the shadow theatre

However, the NYC campaign is not the only successful achievement of the jewellery specialist. Not long ago it has published as playful shadow theatre full of enchanting images from the animal empire and precious stones. If you are looking for inspiration to entertain your precious offspring and at the same time to soak up divine luxury, perhaps you will find inspiration right here.

Paper Flowers? That is playful Elle Fanning in Tiffany´s blue world

And it is also worth to mention the campaign recorded in connection with the latest collections of jewellery, Paper Flowers. In it, the popular young actress and occasional model stars in a short film, where she is outside Tiffany’s iconic 5th Avenue flagship store with a takeaway coffee, looking at the window display, wearing a lot of luxury jewellery. And what does the latest collection look like? Floral motif, designed and built with a pin in the centre is recreated in a modern graphic way and the collection thus reflects a perfect balance between refined femininity and industrial modernity. It is flawless!

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Mothers´ Day: the D-Day!  

The brand creates original campaigns throughout the year, in particular made-to-measure for major events. So, the one designated for Mothers´ Day was one that was very memorable.

"Because you let me make my own mistakes."

"Because you loved me even when I was a teenager."

"Because you knew when not to ask questions."

"Because whether you like it or not, you always know best."

Such were the quotes, playing on the heartstrings, demonstrate undying love, trimmed on this occasion by luxury jewellery by Tiffany & Co.

We bring you a small selection of unique campaigns in our gallery.  

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