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Bulgari uses this exclusive concept to confirm its love of Rome and pays tribute to the ability to be amazed. We present to you the temple of creativity of one of the most deluxe Italian brands – the New Curiosity shop!

A unique cabinet of Bulgari curiosities was created in the heart of Rome

Martina Šmalclová
15.Mar 2018
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New Curiosity Shop

Let yourself be carried away by the wave of your own imagination!

The modern cabinet of curiosities is an expression of curiosity and the desire for unique items and miracles, which inspired the brand. The concept is a play of opposites, materials, extravagant items and elements of interior design, combined with unique Bulgari work. Every detail is intended to stimulate interaction with visitors, when the only rule is to enjoy being carried away by a wave of your own imagination!

Enter the world of deluxe design, in which playful duality is reflected

The New Curiosity Shop is a place with excellent design, in which playful duality is reflected. On one hand you can admire the warm tones, wood or velvet with retro accents, and on the other hand minimalistic lines combined with marble, bright colours or white leather. The stylish interior is also decorated by a chandelier by Venini, which gives it an element of luxury.


The Cabinet of Curiosities is based on the Old Curiosity Shop

This deluxe temple of creativity is located at the address: Via Condotti 11a, right next to the historic Bulgari shop, which was the location of the Old Curiosity Shop from 1905. This referred to the famous novel by Charles Dickens and its purpose was to attract English-speaking tourists. The Cabinet of Curiosities was true to its name and offered gems that decorated traditional clothing, and also ancient items with Islamic and Byzantine motifs, miniature perfume flagons or silver buttons.

Luxusní byt 1+kk na prodej s terasou Praha
Luxusní byt 1+kk na prodej s terasou Praha, Praha 5

The New Curiosity Shop offers historic maps from a time when the earth was not yet round! 

The contents will be replaced regularly. The first exhibition will be devoted to the world of Mirabilia and will remind us of the time when humans had just started to discover nature and the universe. Thanks to modern screening you can immerse yourself in the world of the galaxy and you can also admire globes, telescopes or historic maps from a time when it was not yet known that the earth was round. You will also be able to see design items fulfilling the definition of curiosity – wooden hand-varnished chests of drawers, gold porcelain plates with astronomic motifs or a collection of four mirrors. You will also be able to see deluxe jewellery and accessories. Several limited editions were specially created for the purpose of the Cabinet of Curiosities

“He who is amazed, finds that this itself is amazing,” said Mauritz Escher

And what about you? Will you travel to the heart of Rome to be amazed?

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