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The artist creates paintings with fire

Unique art under the surface of the Vltava river by Ladislav Vlna

Karolína Lišková
25.Aug 2020
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He is the only one in the world. And he's Czech. Ladislav Vlna works with steel using a technique he calls Metallurgical Painting. The paintings are burned into steel plates with fire without adding any other materials. The drawing is hand-engraved and the colors are a brindle extracted by annealing from the very inside of the steel and its essence. The artist launched an exhibition where you can admire his unique paintings.

Ladislav Vlna připravoval výstavu dva roky.
(A)Void Floating Gallery při západu slunce.
Obrazy v kobce Náplavky.

Ladislav Vlna's paintings are unique in that no one else in the world creates in this way. According to the artist's own words, he is the still the only one. Apparently, he has recently found a man from Canada on the Internet, who depicts scenes from the local nature on plates, but the technique is different.

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Vlna je jediný, kdo pracuje s ohněm a ocelí.
Vlna je jediný, kdo pracuje s ohněm a ocelí.Source: archiv Ladislava Vlny

The painting looks different every hour

An important role in the perception of the painting plays the light light falling on it at a given moment, which is why the artwork looks completely different at various times of the day. The illusion created by the reflection of light from the steel material processed using this method paints a truthful and complex picture of the complexity and inner beauty of the depicted object.

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Obrazy najdete i v podpalubí.
Obrazy najdete i v podpalubí. Source: archiv Ladislava Vlny

Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466
Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466, Praha 5

Ladislav Vlna organized an exhibition at the (A)Void Floating Gallery on Rašínovo nábřeží.

"I went ahead with the exhibition because a petition to preserve the Floating Gallery, which was in danger of being closed, had been started. I wanted to support the gallery with my paintings,"

explained Vlna. The gallery received a notice from the manager of the embankment at the end of May. Since it had become a haven for many musicians, poets and theater performers, a huge wave of resentment arose among the people. The petition was signed by over two thousand individuals.

Under the surface

The paintings can be found in the lower deck, on the bow of the ship and below the surface next to the ship. That's why the exhibition is called Pod hladinou (Under the Surface). Visitors can admire fifteen paintings here. And they can also visit the exhibition Oko (The Eye), which runs simultaneously in one of the dungeons of the Prague Náplavka.

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Několik obrazů pluje pod hladinou Vltavy.
Několik obrazů pluje pod hladinou Vltavy. Source: archiv Ladislava Vlny

"I have been working on both exhibitions for two years,"

said Vlna, adding that he was very happy with the exhibitions, because people loved his art. Seeing as he is the only artist in the world to create paintings with fire, people are interested in knowing more. He only regrets that there are few tourists in Prague who could spread his art further into the world.

"Unfortunately, I don't speak world languages, so I'm not able to interpret my art to tourists who could talk about it at home,"

confided the artist.

The exhibition at the (A)Void Floating Gallery will run until mid-September.

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