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Living on the water? Why not.

Unconventional living: Which celebrities fell for houseboats and ships?

08.Jun 2019
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Helena Vondráčková with husband

Not only famous personalities are particular about their homes. The single most important thing for them is privacy, which, as some of them believe, is best enjoyed on board of a ship.

Stars on the water

Many famous people invest huge amounts of money into luxury homes in the hearts of popular cities, while others long for some peace and quiet. Among Czech celebrities, singer Helena Vondráčková is one of those, who decided to live at least partially on the water - together with her husband Martin Michal, she bought a houseboat. And so did director Jan Hřebejk.

American golfer Tiger Woods is also a huge fan of living on the sea. The Privacy yacht is 47 meters long and provides an area of ​​over 600 m². It can accommodate 21 people including the crew, offering the guests amenities such as a gym, a cinema, a hot tub, barbecue or a bar with a sea view. The cost of the ship was $20 million.

By the way, our editor has also tried out living on a houseboat. Do not miss her article Life on the Vltava river: We're moving into a houseboat!

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Overblue: the world's most luxurious houseboat

Like it or not, living on the water is coming into fashion. And Overblue is on the very top. It's the most luxurious houseboat in the world! It was designed by the Italian shipbuilder Raffael Grotti, and you'll definitely lack nothing while on board. At your disposal will be a luxury modern kitchen with a dining room, a living room and two bedrooms. And the price? About 9 million crowns.

100% ecological luxury housing

Michelle Lanker and Bill Blox are designers who had to build new housing at the expense of an old houseboat. That allowed for something fascinating to be created on the surface of Washington Lake near Seattle. Their new houseboat checks all the boxes of high-quality and environmentally-friendly housing, thus surpassing the previously impossible.

The couple built a pontoon from recycled plastic, on which the water house stands. Instead of traditional wood, the facade is covered with cement fiber panels. The roof is made of aluminum and a third of it is covered with greenery. Almost two thirds of the roof are occupied by solar panels.

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