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An interesting trend of the new millennium. Explore alternative forms of accommodation instead of traditional hotels.

Unconventional holidays in Slovakia: Stay in a gingerbread house, a beehive or a presidential suite

Kristina Valachyová
23.Jan 2021
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Perníková chaloupka se nachází v krásném prostředí na Oravě.

In the last couple of years, a new trend has emerged around the globe. Many people are fed up with regular hotels and decided to scout out new, less traditional forms of accommodation that are more interesting. Recently this trend appeared also in Slovakia.

Unikátní projekt Forrest Glamp se nachází na břehu jezera Počúvadlo.
Chata Kotydž je zařízena v minimalistickém stylu.
Perníková chaloupka se nachází v krásném prostředí na Oravě.
Největší prezidentský apartmán na Slovensku.

Accommodation in a beehive

Včelí domeček offers accommodation directly in a beehive. It’s built from a natural material that is treated with a flax paint and shaped into a honeycomb cell. Inside you’ll find two beds with beehives beneath them. 2-hour stay costs 15-20 EUR. If you want to spend a night there with your partner, prepare 50-80 EUR.

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Včelí hotel uprostřed přírody.
Včelí hotel uprostřed přírody.Source:

Luxurious camping

Cottages merged with tents. A newly created project ForRest glamping intrigues with its uniqueness. This type of accommodation is more and more popular worldwide. Glamping comes from a shortening of “glamorous camping”. This style of accommodation combines an adventure from camping in nature with the comfort of a hotel room. You may be accommodated in several atypical cottages with a capacity of 2-6 persons. Every cottage has its own bathroom, bedroom and terrace with seating. The price is 89-239 EUR/night.

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Unikátní projekt Forrest Glamp se nachází na břehu jezera Počúvadlo.
Unikátní projekt Forrest Glamp se nachází na břehu jezera Počúvadlo. Source:

The Kotydž cottage

A magical cottage, Kotydž, is the right place for every adventurer who wants to enjoy some time off in the heart of nature. Your relaxation will be enhanced by the sounds of local nature. In the cottage, you’ll find a spacious bedroom with a view of the forest. Coffee can be prepared in a coffee machine that is a part of the facilities. But don’t expect a bathroom worth a luxurious hotel. In the outdoor bathroom, you’ll find a bowl and a camping shower. One night during the main season costs around 100 EUR.

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Chata Kotydž je zařízena v minimalistickém stylu.
Chata Kotydž je zařízena v minimalistickém stylu.Source:

Hotel with bees on the roof

Bratislava has its first bee hotel on the roof. Beekeeper Rastislav Pavlišin first started with beekeeping in Bratislava’s Koliba. When success arrived, he wanted to bring his hobby to the next level. As a shareholder of the hotel NH Bratislava Gate One, he built the first bee hotel on its rooftop. With this act, he has inspired many other hotels and companies to pick up beekeeping. The hotel has a unique honey-based menu. The cost of accommodation is between 97-170 EUR/night.

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Včely našli domov na střeše bratislavského hotelu.
Včely našli domov na střeše bratislavského hotelu.Source:


Maybe the most famous unconventional accommodation in Slovakia is DuboDom, awarded with the CE.ZA.AR prize in the category detached house in 2018. The house is built on an old oak tree that is a living part of the interior. The house óverlooks a nearby vineyard. From the outside, the building is dark in contrast to the light interior. At the terrace, you’ll find a “dubogril” and a bathing tub that will sweeten your stay in the fresh air. One night here costs 192 EUR.

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Na terase pod hvězdami si můžete vychutnat víno s přáteli.
Na terase pod hvězdami si můžete vychutnat víno s přáteli. Source:

Folklore Hut Bojnice

A young Slovakian merged folklore with adventure accommodation and created the hut project in the area of Bojnice castle. The small traditional huts are supposed to offer an insight into the life of our ancestors. Rooms have wooden furnishing with folklore decor. You’ll look for TV or WiF in vain. The area offers cafés, restaurants and small shops with traditional hand-crafted products. The price per night for 2 people is 47 EUR.

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Chýše plná folklóru.
Chýše plná folklóru.Source:

Luxury on the bank of Danube

Grand Hotel River Park at Dvořákovo nábřeží in Bratislava undoubtedly belongs to the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in Slovakia. The presidential suite offers maximum comfort. From the suite on the tenth floor, you can enjoy a unique view of the Danube river. You’ll find here plenty of room for a private dinner as well as a private kitchen for serving dishes right in the apartment. Even the bodyguards have their personal space there.

Among the famous people staying in the apartment were NATO general secretary A.F. Rasmussen or Cyprian president Nicos Anastasiades. From the artists, we can name Sting, Tom Jones, Duran Duran, Prodigy, Il Divo, Plácido Domingo or Depeche Mode. An interesting bit of info: Sting threw an unplanned performance for a lucky few right in the hotel lobby. The price of the apartment is 4900 EUR/night.

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Největší prezidentský apartmán na Slovensku.
Největší prezidentský apartmán na Slovensku.Source: Archív Grand Hotel River Park

Grand Hotel River ParkSource:

Fairytale village Dolný Kubín

Pension Koliba in Dolní Kubín offers an option of an unconventional accommodation. Each of the present cottages is inspired by a different fairytale so you can spend a night in a gingerbread house, a house on a magpie foot or in Křemílek and Vochomůrka’s hut. The price is between 70-150 EUR/night.

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Pohádková vesnička potěší hlavně ty nejmladší.
Pohádková vesnička potěší hlavně ty nejmladší. Source:

Chateau Appony with the rare baroque library

Luxurious Chateau Appony offers a unique baroque library with over 17 thousands books. You'll find there extraordinary works of the literary giants and masters of philosophy such as Aristoteles, Plato, Isaac Newton, Galileo or Goethe. The entry fee is 6 EUR. For an overnight stay, you’ll pay between 82–265 EUR/night.

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Knihovna disponuje vzácnými díly.
Knihovna disponuje vzácnými díly.Source:

Wild House Donovaly

Treehouses seem to be gaining worldwide popularity. The Wild House Donovaly offers 3 such houses. Helios with thermal insulation, available during winter months, and the Fauna and Flora houses. Because treehouses aren't equipped with water or electricity, you are in a treat for a proper adventure, illuminated by headlights available in the house. You’ll enjoy a warm shower back at home. The rough price for treehouse renting is 150 EUR/night.

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Wild House Donovaly mají své kouzlo i v zimních měsících.
Wild House Donovaly mají své kouzlo i v zimních měsících.Source:

Capsule hostel

Slovakia has been waiting for this Japanese accommodation style for a long time. The hostel is located in the centre of Bratislava and offers accommodation in unique enclosable capsules. The size of one capsule is 90-120 centimetres for a single person. Every capsule offers a practical storage room. All You Can Eat breakfast is included in the price of the stay. The price of accommodation is 34-94 EUR/night, depending on the amount of capsule in the room.

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První kapslový hotel v Bratislavě.
První kapslový hotel v Bratislavě.Source:

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

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