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Deluxe washable Uashmama handbags are an excellent solution to sustainable fashion. It is time for a change!

Uashmama: Designer washable handbags from Tuscany can also be purchased in Prague

Mgr. Jana Höger
07.Aug 2018
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There is a family company behind the Uashmama brand, as well as a play on words.

Deluxe Uashmama is an Italian family company managed by parents and their four daughters. It was established by the father Marco Marconi, who spent his whole life in the world of design and stylish Italian footwear. The name Uashmama originated as a corruption of the English words “wash” and “mama”, which the daughters wanted to use as thanks to their mother for taking care of them all those years and washing their clothes. What is more the reference to the word “wash” also explains that these products are made from washable paper.

These products are made from cellulose produced from waste wood. A small amount of latex is also added to some types of wood, which makes the paper more resilient. The products are explicitly hand-made. Each item is a deluxe original. At first glance the material can be compared to leather and is pleasantly soft.

How did Uashmama get here?

Mária Duffeková and Natali Kurucová are the ones who imported the brand from Tuscany to our country. They never doubted for one second that this was a deluxe creative idea. They joined with Marco Marconi and launched themselves into spreading the love for this washable material.

Zuzana Pínová from the Uashmama team revealed:

Are you fans of the “waste free” style? 

Yes, of course we support this trend. The entire philosophy of this brand is governed by principles for ecological and sustainable production. And its distributors worldwide also follow the same principles, including the Slovak-Czech distributor, which is us. We diligently sort our waste at the office and showroom, we only package goods to be sent in the essential minimum packaging, without plastic. And when we are planning an installation or when we were furnishing our showroom in Slovakia, we always endeavour to use furniture and décor from second-hand shops and flea markets, which we want to give a new lease of life. Our Natalie is the specialist in this area and is capable of not only discovering such treasures but also renovating and repairing them.

What target group most frequently purchases your original items?

Uashmama handbags and home accessories are of interest to a wide spectrum of customers. But if we had to characterise what our customers have in common, then it would certainly be interest in high-quality and stylish products and also interest in who made the items they purchase and how.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Do you have any other ideas that you could reveal to us?

Washable paper is an excellent material, which has a wide range of uses. Uashmama makes a complete spectrum of products, handbags, rucksacks, tablet, computer and mobile telephone cases, and also home accessories, such as storage bags of all sizes, laundry baskets and baskets for sorted waste, place settings, lampshades, pillowcases, and this year’s new product is collars for small dogs. The brand is open to innovations and comes up with something new every year. For instance it created a deluxe car seat cover in cooperation with BMW. Just for exhibition requirements for the time being, but this also provides another direction for potential use.

How many of these products do you own?

That is a very difficult question. It is hard to say, I have a lot of them. Uashmama was love at first sight. It's a matter of the heart for me and it is the same for everyone in our team. Each of us has several handbags and rucksacks at home and plenty of accessories in our home.

Where can we find your products in Prague?

At Leeda store interior, Nebaleno, Bibloo and Dogumi. We would like to have our own boutique in Prague, and we are currently searching for suitable premises.


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