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Put away alcohol and be surprised by the effect.

Try dry January: Lose weight and improve your sex life in return

Kateřina Ostrejšová
07.Jan 2021
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Žena se sklenicí vína před zrcadlem.

The Dry January became a tradition for many people. Some of them use it to kickstart their new year’s resolution, some use it as a detox from overly drinking during the Christmas Holidays and the New Year. If you belong among those who need to relax after work with a glass of wine, know you're not alone. It's a very common practice. Alcohol releases endorphins, making us feel relaxed and chill. But what about trying it without the drink? It can be done!

How much do I really drink?

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Muž a žena se sklenicí vína.
Muž a žena se sklenicí vína. Source:

It is necessary to realise where you're at. Someone who drinks occasionally will most likely not notice any significant change in comparison to someone who is used to having a few glasses of wine or beer in the evening, several times a week. The common standard for women is one drink, and two for men. So where do you stand?

Overly drinking can cause many health issues, so starting the year without alcohol for at least 31 days is a great choice. Maybe you’ll find out you actually don’t need to drink as much as you thought.

"Some people feel the effect on their organism already after the first week of sobriety,."

said Dr George Koob, president of the National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism in America.

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It might improve your mood

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Dvě dívky se skleničkami šampaňského.
Dvě dívky se skleničkami šampaňského. Source:

It's very easy to believe that one glass of wine can actually wash away the worries of the day and cheer us up. At the beginning, it actually could have been the case. However, if consuming alcohol has become your main coping strategy, you may be suffering from underlying depression or anxiety.

Ashley Jones, the Certified Nurse Practioner from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says that alcohol tends to worsen the symptoms of depression and your mood is overall more stable when sober.

Healthier sleep

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Žena ve spánku.
Žena ve spánku. Source:

Did you know that alcoholism causes interrupted sleep? Away with the myth that one beer helps you with falling asleep. Maybe it does, but alcohol overall worsens sleep quality and lowers regeneration during the REM phase. And we all know that proper sleep is a key to success.

Alcohol improves courage, but libido not so much

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Pár leží pod peřinou.
Pár leží pod peřinou. Source:

Men enjoy saying that alcohol improves their courage and removes boundaries. On top of it, the studies confirmed that alcohol makes people less picky regarding the choice of their sexual partners. Unfortunately, effect on issues with erection and an often unsatisfying climax was also confirmed.

In women, drinking alcohol lowers arousal. After a single drink, we might feel more attractive, but when it comes to actual action, it won’t be much to talk about. Alcohol numbs female private parts and their sensitivity. And we don’t want that!

Calories go down

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Žena si měří míry v pase.
Žena si měří míry v pase. Source:

A glass of beer has roughly 200 kcal. That is equivalent to a smaller snack. However, who stops at one beer? Maybe if you imagine a snack instead of a beer, eliminating drinking will be easier.

Alcohol also negatively affects one's will, which relates to the so-called “sweet tooth”. After all it’s very common to have some sweets, crisps and many other delicacies with your drink. And tell me, who doesn’t feel remorseful after a day of drinking? Believe me that with a clear head it will be easier to resist.

Skin like in a magazine

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Žena si prohlíží pleť.
Žena si prohlíží pleť. Source:

Every woman wishes for flawless and beautiful skin. And there is a reason why models supposedly drink almost no alcohol. Spasmodic drinking suppresses natural immunity of our body and causes ageing of the skin.

Dermatologist Elisabeth Berrissoul explained that an alcoholic beverage acts as a diuretic and can thus lead to excretion of water and nutritions and promote a dull complexion, dark circles and a lack of elasticity of the skin.

If you decide to try the Dry January or February or any other month, it will certainly be a step in the right direction. We wish you good luck!

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