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Whether you plan to equip your home with new furniture or are simply interested in new interior trends for this year, this inspiration is exactly the thing you need.

Trends in housing for 2021: yellow and gray, moss paintings and stylish vintage

Kristina Valachyová
30.Jan 2021
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4 minutes
Žena u počítače a v pozadí žlutá pohovka

Our home is our refuge, a space where we want to feel safe and happy. This has never been more important than right now when we're forced to spend so much time at home. The pandemic also had a significant influence on world trends in the field of interior colors. And even though each designer has their own creative opinions, they all miraculously agree on one thing: the color palette of 2021 will observe the following motto "comforting".

This year, interior trends will be dominated by contrasting combinations of two colors - yellow and gray. The color gray evokes modesty and tranquility. It brings a feeling of stability, durability, and strength to the interior, as well as a touch of elegance. Yellow, on the other hand, is the color of the sun and the dawn of hope. People need to feel that in 2021 everything will be resolved and things will calm down. The combination of these two colors represents an idyllic view of a new day, illuminated by sunlight. This combination sets the trend not only in the field of interior design but also in the field of fashion and other industries.

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Barvy roku 2021
Barvy roku 2021 Source:

Ultimate Gray

Gray and boring? No way! This color is an excellent base for all kinds of combinations and matches virtually any other color. Colors used in the interior can affect our mood. Ultimate Gray is a neutral shade that can be easily combined with any color range. Pair it with yellow and it will brighten your interior. Gray is a great choice, for example, for the study or the living room.

Illuminating Yellow

Bright yellow may not be the most popular color of all, but it looks cheerful, optimistic and is a source of good mood and energy. These are exactly the feelings that we welcome in the current coronavirus era. Yellow is suitable for the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the children's room. But combining it with other colors is rather difficult. According to experts, it goes best with black or white. If you don't really like bright yellow, you can use one of its other shades, such as banana, vanilla, or mustard instead. Yellow pillows, sheets, or yellow flowers will add a refreshing touch to your home.

Minimalism in the kitchen

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Minimalismus v kuchyni
Minimalismus v kuchyni Source:

When it comes to kitchen design, hot trends for 2021 bring minimalist decorations, clean lines, and a monochrome color palette. Many of our kitchens are literally packed with various decorations and holiday souvenirs. You can forget about those this year! According to the newest trends, the kitchen unit should provide enough storage space. An all-time favorite are cabinets without handles, which can be easily pushed open. Electrical sockets are hidden.

Kitchens are often integrated into the living area, which means the emphasis is placed on the design elements of kitchen equipment. Bright worktops will always be "in". A complete novelty in interior design will be dark worktops in contrast with a light kitchen unit. Kitchen islands for storing ready meals will also be popular.

"Metallic faucets and sinks are another big hit, especially in a gold or brass finish,"

says Tadeáš Tenkl, a housing expert from Hornbach.

Rustic style

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Rustikální styl
Rustikální stylSource:

Rustic style is best applied in spaces that already have some interesting design features, such as exposed beams, original floors, or paneled walls. It will look best in its natural environment - the countryside. The furniture doesn't have smooth lines and it often features a decorative element. The fittings are decorative as well. Solid wood is the most commonly used material.

Invisible door

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Neviditelné dveře
Neviditelné dveřeSource:

One of the current trends is the so-called "invisible door", where door leaves merge with a wall of the same color, wallpaper, or covering. In the following years, contactless door control, for example using magnets, will also be a trend.

Vintage style

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Antique, salvaged retro pieces. Everything that breathes history is vintage. It's not a matter of giving old pieces of furniture a new look, but of preserving old valuable pieces and granting them a place of honor in our home. This style is traditionally favored by people who care about the environment.

Wild nature

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Tapeta s potiskem
Tapeta s potiskemSource: archiv Hornbach

Natural materials have been popular throughout the past year and that's not going to change in 2021. Wood in light tones, jute, leather, ceramics, velvet with imitation of animal fur, live plants, or wallpaper with natural prints awaken in us a reconnection with nature.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Spa-inspired bathroom

Bathrooms are increasingly perceived as small relaxation refuges in which we seek rest and regeneration for our senses. As a result of this trend, their design is inspired by spas. Plants, spacious showers, and free-standing rounded baths are combined with natural materials.

Natural stone or wood tiles in combination with dark warm colors give the bathroom a luxurious look and a flair of drama. Warm earthy colors such as burgundy, brown, or even dark blue in combination with rough tiles evoke the atmosphere of a real spa.

Greenery in the interior is trendy

Moss paintings have a calming effect, contribute to better air quality, absorb moisture and boast antibacterial properties. They are a great choice for people who don't have time to take care of houseplants. A huge advantage of these decorations is their lifespan, which reaches 5 - 10 years.

The most commonly used and combined are 3 species of moss: low-growing moss, mounded moss and Icelandic lichen. It's recommended to place them in rooms with higher humidity, such as the bathroom.

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Obrazy působí jako pohlcovač hluku a indikátor vzdušné vlhkosti
Obrazy působí jako pohlcovač hluku a indikátor vzdušné vlhkostiSource: archiv Adriany Bocanové

Moss must not be sprinkled or watered. It must also not be exposed to direct sunlight or placed near heat sources. That would cause a risk of damage, such as loss of shape, color, and flexibility. Thanks to stabilization, which is a preservation process using glycerin solution, mosses not only retain their original shape but also stop growing. The glycerin component itself is not harmful to health and its possible typical odor usually disappears within 2 weeks.

Thanks to their natural appearance, moss paintings are especially suitable for rooms with wooden furniture. Their color will also look great in rooms with pastel hues which don't create a disturbing contrast with green.

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Z mechu se dají tvořit i mechové koule, sloupy a loga
Z mechu se dají tvořit i mechové koule, sloupy a logaSource: archiv Adriany Bocanové

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