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Traveling in the coronavirus age: What to do when you test positive abroad

Karolína Lišková
20.Jul 2020
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V Řecku jsou na turisty nakažené koronavirem připraveni.

It's summer, vacation time. Although many Czechs have decided to stay at home this year or explore the beauties of our homeland, there are still people who refuse to give up traveling abroad. Some of them have already set out, mostly to the seaside. It is therefore not surprising that newscasts are flooding us with information about how many new coronavirus infections are being reported in each country. But what should we do if we actually get infected in a foreign country?

Insurance companies are prepared for this situation, as are travel agencies that take their clients to the sea.

"If Covid-19 really is confirmed, the first thing the client has to do is contact the assistance service of ERV Evropská pojišťovna and follow their instructions. The coordinator of the insurance company's assistance service will contact the relevant medical facility, acquaint the client with the next steps that will need to be taken, ensure transport for examination and possible hospitalization, if necessary. He will also arrange the return journey,"

spokeswoman for the travel agency CK Blue Style, Jana Ondrejechová, told, adding that coronavirus insurance is included in the tour price for each client. It covers expenses related to treatment, assistance and repatriation.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

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Do Řecka zatím testy na koronavirus nepotřebujete.
Do Řecka zatím testy na koronavirus nepotřebujete.Source: Pixabay/MandarinMD

What if we don't speak a foreign language

Many Czech clients who don't speak any other world language choose to use the services of a travel agency precisely because of their insufficient language skills. Travel agencies always have a delegate in the stay destination, available to holidaymakers in case a problem arises.

"However, in case of a suspected Covid-19 infection, it is necessary to take into account security measures, which may include isolation of the client in the room, with the delegate keeping in touch with the client, for example by telephone. On our part, we remain in intensive contact with our delegates at the location, as well as with the relevant local partners and the insurance company ERV Evropská pojišťovna,"

added Ondrejechová.

Isolation in a five-star hotel

Greek islands seem to have resolved this issue brilliantly. They have the so-called quarantine hotels at their disposal. That is where you'll go, should you be suspected of testing positive.

"The Kos Island has one hotel designed to accommodate people who have tested positive or who have to wait for the results of their tests. It is a five-star hotel, so the people who'll have to be quarantined will enjoy the most comfortable stay. The accommodation costs are paid by the Greek government, just like the testing,"

President of the Hotel Association Kos Konstantin Svinou said for

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Momentálně jsou v Řecku pláže téměř prázdné.
Momentálně jsou v Řecku pláže téměř prázdné. Source: Pixabay/moorpheus

The test results are available in a day, but the length of stay is individual for each client. If someone tests positive, but doesn't require hospitalization, they remain in the hotel until they are cured.

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