The transformation of the Salmovský Palace into a center of modern art begins!

Be there for the transformation of the Salmovský Palace. Welcome to Salm Modern!
01.Dec 2018
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The National Gallery in Prague comprises several buildings and a few of them are also on Hradčanské Square. It is, for example, the Salmovksý Palace, which, although at the most prestigious Prague address, is one of the least visited. And as the director of the National Gallery, Jiří Fajt, said, the goal is to change this.

Come to the opening on December 1st at 6pm

The change is starting already on December 1st, when the National Gallery will invite everyone to a public opening at the Salmovský Palace, which is held from 6pm. There will be a unique exhibition titled "Possibilities of Dialogue", which will present luxurious modern Czech works, but especially global ones. Among these are artists who have never been seen in the Czech Republic until now.

You can admire, for example, the works of Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Kristen Kinter, the huge canvas of Jean-Michel Basquiat, František Skála and many others. There are a total of 1,200 works of various sizes: from drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, and photography to audiovisual art.

Luxusní byt s terasou Troja 145m
Luxusní byt s terasou Troja 145m, Praha 7

Interesting things about the project you should know

The luxury exhibition was created thanks to the cooperation of NGP, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) and the art collection of Erika Hoffmann. Erika Hoffmann has been collecting art for decades with her husband and in March this year she decided to give these rare pieces to the gallery in Dresden. This is one of the major events in the contemporary art world.

The title Possibilities of Dialogue was inspired by Jan Švankmajer's 1982 film and the aim is to find a dialogue in society in today's difficult times, when social confrontations are quite turbulent.

This exhibition is the first part of the Salm Modern program series. Within this cycle, expositions dedicated to global modern art will be presented in the context of works by Czech artists. Expositions will vary approximately in annual cycles. Part of the exhibition is devoted to young artists, graduates, for whom it will be very motivating to exhibit their work together with the masters of the world's modern art. This section will be updated every 3 months.

This is a great project of the National Gallery which, thanks to cooperation with important foreign art galleries, will bring to Prague a new gust of wind in the form of modern world-class art.

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