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Eclecticism not only in the design, but also in architecture represents a targeted combination of components of diverse origin as well as period of creation. The point of interest here is the use of completely different materials with subtle harmony of colours. Why not introduce some discordant elements?

Total Chaos or Uniting Harmony? Luxurious Housing in Eclectic Style.

Mgr. Jana Höger
05.Mar 2018
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Housing in eclectic style

Are you curious what this style conceals? Let´s go back to basics….

This expression has its origins in the old Greek expression "ek-lektos", in essence, meaning ´selected´. It is a type of creation, working in principle with different patterns, drawing inspiration from historically older works, trying to bring everything together, to create a blend. You selecting various elements that you like and thus form a unique luxurious style that is your own. Of course, the general rule is that the interconnection of mutually disassociated elements requires taste and attention to detail.

Interior in eclectic style
Bedroom in eclectic style
Interior in eclectic style

A leap in time

Although this artistic style appeared in architecture as far back as in the second half of the nineteenth century, some form of eclecticism first began to be explored by American film stars in the 60´s, who liked to purchase historical houses, but furnished them in a completely modern style and in accordance with current trends.

How can you realistically imagine such a luxurious interior?

If you are drawn to historic style and you like antique furniture, it suffices to suitably combine this with current modern elements. And a luxurious interior is guaranteed.

Extravagant pieces took very well in such an interior too, such as shiny metalwork lanterns, minimalist glass vases with patina, together with baroque patterns on wallpapers or vintage-style coffee tables.

The rules for an interior in eclectic style

Be careful with the colours. No component should be overpowering. If you do not feel like the wilder ethnic style, etc., you can use a tone-in-tone colour scheme. The element that will pull it all together should be the same material used. Each period or style of which the interior consists, should be repeated at least twice within the given space, but not necessarily through the same components.

If you furnish your interior in eclectic style, you will ensure unambiguously luxurious originality of your style.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1
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