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Choosing a stylish and functional suitcase for your travels is just as important as choosing the right attire.

TOP suitcases for 2019: Even your wardrobe deserves a bit of luxury while traveling!

Ornella Koktová
07.Jul 2019
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Whether you're about to spend your vacation in a cottage in South Bohemia, in Mallorca or in Florida, we all have at least one thing in common: we need a SUITCASE! Forget about that shabby bag lying in your closet, here is a couple of novelties that will underline your style!

Louis Vuitton, the king of suitcases

It's no secret that the brand Louis Vuitton started out by making travel suitcases. But if you think they're still producing only classic "steamer trunks", you are wrong. The brand has recently come up with a modern novelty called the HORIZON SOFT DUFFLE 55. Lightweight, synthetic, solid and easy to handle thanks to the addition of wheels. The overall design is simply flawless, there's no denying it! It's not surprising at all that even actress Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas or actress Cate Blanchet took liking to this collection of suitcases.

Volume - 37 l Price - CZK 61 820

Art limited edition RIMOWA

Classic aluminum suitcases that can withstand heavy bumps and easily outlast even a Carpathian castle. This year, RIMOWA came up with a new limited edition with the red L.A. sunset motif by artist Alex Israel. I'm seriously blown away, because you can never get tired of this combination of colors - on the contrary, it might even soothe your nerves when waiting for a delayed plane.

Volume - 49 l Price - CZK 61,600

Leather style by Bottega Veneta

If you're planning a long weekend or a shorter trip and can make certain that your suitcase will be treated with care, I recommend a luxury leather suitcase from Bottega Veneto. It has an awesome security lock, wheels that turn 360° and it's partly handmade from fine calfskin (vegans, step away). Plus, it can fit into the trunk of a sports car!

Volume - 40 l Price - CZK 91 250

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

Wild classic according to Gucci

A slightly more temperamental person shouldn't hesitate to go for something wilder. And here it is: a Gucci suitcase, which certainly doesn't go easy on the motifs. The embroidery features Chinese dragons as well as alien spaceships. In short, it balances between different styles, slightly leaning towards kitsch. But why not give it a chance to shine as a seasonal hit? Taking its size into account, I recommend this suitcase for shorter trips. If you have children, you can forget about it though!

Volume - 40 l Price - CZK 70 400

The Botanist: Pure magic

Not everyone has heard of this brand, but in the realm of luggage, it is one of the most reliable, most luxurious and most stylish ones. It would be difficult to find a woman who wouldn't fall in love with The Botanist's suitcases. My favorite is the “PINK CHECK IN SPINNER” suitcase, which could easily hold everything I need for a long family holiday, and I'd even enjoy the packing! Check how precisely it is made on the inside! Those tropical flower motifs, practical mesh pockets, but most importantly: all the space! Bottom line, this piece is definitely my hottest tip!

Volume: 80 - 130 l Price - CZK 20 500

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