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Based on your answers in the contest for a luxury dinner at the Italian restaurant La Bottega Tusarova, we have compiled a chart of your favourite Italian dishes.

The top-ranking Italian dishes according to fans of LP Life

Eva Ledecká
10.May 2017
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Italian cuisine is acclaimed virtually around the world and every country tries to imitate it as best it can. However, they will ever achieve that delicately refined taste unless these luxury dishes are being cooked by a real Italian.

What we have learned from the answers of all those who entered our contest (there were 413 of you) is that you most likely love Italian cuisine. We often started drooling over your replies. Some of you are genuine gourmets, sometimes even obliging us to look up what the exotic-sounding names of your favourite Italian dishes actually are. Many of you also mentioned luxurious Italian coffee, wine and the delightful tiramisu. 

Do you like surprises?

If so, you might be surprise that there is no surprise today! The top ranks of luxury Italian foods are held by dishes we all know and love. There’s nothing to it, the classic prevail.

Chart of the most popular dishes based on contest votes:


1st place: pizza (108 votes)

2nd place: spaghetti (78 votes)

3rd place: lasagne (62 votes)


Interesting trivia about the winning Italian dishes

Did you know that the word pizza is derived from the Greek word pita, which is the word for flatbread? Over time, its appearance, flavour and toppings crystallised into today’s luxury forms. The first pizza as such was allegedly made in Naples in the 17th Century.

Spaghetti, as we know, is a general name for long, rounded pasta. The first thing most people pair it with is Bolognese sauce. Those of you who specified your favourite type, however, most often voted for Spaghetti Carbonara. Today it is considered a delicacy, but in the past it was the food of poor miners who needed to be duly sated.

The origin of lasagne leads us back to Naples, where their first modern version was created. You can find strictly vegetarian lasagne or lasagne with added mozzarella or ricotta. The “real” lasagne, however, alternates sheets of dough, béchamel sauce and layers of meat in tomato sauce.

Obchod na pronájem Staré město 409m
Obchod na pronájem Staré město 409m, Praha 1

Amusing tidbit

An American asks an Italia: “How do you say ‘pizza’ in Italian?” Do you think this is a joke? Trust us, it’s not. Pizza is so widespread and popular in America that many Americans think it’s their country’s food. A boy from New York once asked his Italian friend this question, and the latter just stared in disbelief. 

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