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Forget about Croatia

TOP 5 places that promise unforgettable experiences: You'll be stunned by these unusual destinations!

Mgr. Jana Höger
11.Nov 2019
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Autumn is an ideal time to explore new places. Before winter comes, it's a good idea to visit some luxurious destinations and cheer up a little. We've prepared an overview of locations, which you can visit all year round, without having to restrict yourself to summer months. Come have a look and treat yourself to a fair deal of inspiration!

1. China attracts not only with its rich history

If you opt for China, you'll be able to choose your final destination from a selection of direct flights to a variety of cosmopolitan cities where life flows at a fast pace. Among them are Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or Xi an. When you arrive in Shanghai, the journey from the airport alone will be an unforgettable experience. It is linked to the city by Maglev trains, the world's fastest trains that have no wheels and work on the principle of magnetic levitation. Once you get tired from the traveling, book a stay at the 5-star Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Center.

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Hotel Maariot v ŠanghajiSource:

2. South Korea as a hypermodern destination

What awaits you here? Historic monuments in the form of five royal palaces, modern architecture, shopping, beautiful panoramas, cultural activities as well as luxury accommodation, for instance in the Four Seasons Hotel. A plane ticket from Prague to Seoul costs around 20,000 crowns.

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Jížní Korea, Soul
Jížní Korea, SoulSource:

Tel AvivSource:

3. Israel - a country where different cultures and religions meet

Are you enthusiastic about historical monuments and at the same time a fan of spectacular natural beauty? Then you'll come into your own here. Israel boasts not one, but three seas and incomparable historical objects. You can look forward to the famous Jewish Wailing Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. The prices of flights to Tel Aviv start at CZK 4,000. When you get tired after a long day of walking, you can rest your body at the Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv.

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Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv
Royal Beach Hotel Tel AvivSource:

Poušť Wadi RumSource:

4. Georgia - a remarkable destination at your fingertips

Jump on a plane from Prague to Tbilisi, where you'll find untouched nature, picturesque villages with traditional old churches, but also great food. Plane ticket prices start at CZK 6,000. You can stay in one of their luxury five-star hotels, Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

GruzieSource: pixabay

5. Jordan with a fantastic touch of exoticism

After a mere four hours of flight, you'll find yourself in the capital of Jordan, Amman. The prices of the plane tickets start at 2,000 crowns. We recommend that you book a stay at the luxurious Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center. One of Jordan's many natural beauties is the Wadi Rum desert, also called Moon Valley, where you'll feel like you've suddenly landed on Mars. Jordan is also known for its variety of wines and biblical history - it is the country where Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus thread.

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Landmark Amman Hotel & konferenční centrum
Landmark Amman Hotel & konferenční centrumSource:

Luxusní byt s terasou na prodej Praha 5 - 110m
Luxusní byt s terasou na prodej Praha 5 - 110m, Praha 5

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