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The most breathtaking saunas in the world, where relaxation is definitely worthwhile!

TOP 3 saunas in the world: You'll never want to leave here!

Mgr. Jana Höger
06.Feb 2020
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Luxusní lázně Espa Life Corinthia

Think of your health and grant your body the relax it deserves. Preferably in a sauna. It doesn't hurt to get inspired by Finns, who are the world leader in sauna culture and consider it as part of their national heritage. Sauna is a "sacred place" for them, much like a church in our country. If you visit on of these places, you will definitely not regret it. Finally, you'll get to experience proper rest!

Nature at your fingertips. That's design sauna Soria Moria

Soria Moria is an art building that shines like a jewel. It is located on Lake Bandak in Dalen, Telemark in Norway and fits 15 people. The building is exceptional for its unique appearance reflecting the beauty of the local mountains. It will attract your attention with its luxurious cladding that includes wooden, as well as shimmering gold shingles. You can't overlook this beauty! Behind the design is a Nordic design team made up of David Fjågesund, Inge Dahlman, Tobias Olsson and Maira Änquist Klyvare. After a well deserved rest in the sauna, it would be a shame not to use the opportunity to refresh oneself by jumping into a cold lake. Don't worry, the price won't milk your wallet dry; the entry fee for 1-4 people is 630 crowns.

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Espa Life Corinthia
Espa Life CorinthiaSource:

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Koi Sauna - welcome to a Japanese paradise

This special sauna is located at our German neighbors in the town of Sinsheim. It attracts visitors through its distinctive Japanese style and unique panoramic views of the Kraichgau countryside with Steinsberg Castle. Its main attraction, however, are the fish moving gracefully in an aquarium situated in front of your eyes. It feels almost magical and wonderfully relaxing, allowing you to leave all worries behind you. Koi sauna is part of a sauna world complex, where you can try various types of saunas. From an outdoor barrel sauna, through the rustic Holzstadl sauna, the Euforia sauna, where you can enjoy spectacular light and sound shows, the Hünenring sauna with starry skies and rock formations inside, a sauna cinema, where you can watch a movie on a giant screen and the Viennese sauna with a remarkable style resembling a Viennese café, to the tropical sauna, where you can watch exotic birds in the aviary. The price includes access to all saunas and is based on the selected services.

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Tropická sauna
Tropická saunaSource:

Luxusní sauna Espa LifeSource:

Espa life sauna is a first-class luxury oasis without limits

This is a completely different level of sauna experience. The Espa life sauna is part of the 5-star Corinthia Hotel in London. The spa spreads over four floors and offers 17 treatment rooms. You can look forward to luxury that will dazzle your eyes, a beautiful modern iconic space complemented by trendy chandeliers, a black marble pool or an amphitheater-shaped sauna with an ice fountain. There are also heated marble loungers with a fire blazing nearby, a steam room or a private bed to relax.

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Espa Life Corinthia
Espa Life CorinthiaSource:

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