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5 questions for the founder of the first Czech barbershop.

Tomáš Kožíšek, founder of the first barbershop in the Czech Republic, revealed the magic of the razor

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27.Apr 2019
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Tomáš Kožíšek v akci

Tomáš Kožíšek devoted his entire life to his craft. He established a network for Frisör Klier in the Czech Republic and worked as a technologist for Wella and Schwarzkopf. In 2010 he opened the first original men's barber shop in Prague on Navrátilova Street, Thomas’s Barbershop, where he also offers his own line of men's TBS cosmetics.

Thanks to him, Czech gentlemen can finally enjoy a razor shave!

Tomáš Kožíšek gave us an exclusive peek at what happens behind the door of a barbershop. Flawless grooming, relax and a unique experience, that's what it’s all about! When you enter his kingdom, you will find yourself in a small, cozy interior decorated in dark colors, radiating the manly scent of testosterone. They’ll offer you a glass of whiskey and the show can begin!

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Tomáš Kožíšek answered our 5 curious questions:

1. What is the greatest danger in this profession?

“When facial hair twists the wrong way, there’s a danger of cutting someone with a razor."

2. A classic razor or a Shavette?

“Classic razors are forbidden for hygienic reasons. They must be pre-sterilized, polished on a leather belt and sharpened regularly. If the customer brings his own razor, it’s not a problem. Otherwise, the so-called Shavettes (razors with interchangeable blades) are used. ”

3. What percentage of men prefer to be shaved by a Shavette?

“I use it every time for trimming the contours and for the finishing touches. About 30 % of clients specifically request a razor. They are enthusiasts who wish to try it out; it’s usually their first shave and they only have fine facial hair. ”

4. What’s the difference between a hairdresser and a barbershop?

"A real barbershop is based on several basic principles: it is marked by a barber pole (a red-blue-white cylinder at the entrance), the customers are exclusively male, and the conversation has strictly masculine topics."

5. What do men fancy nowadays?

“Short haircuts and longer, luxuriously trimmed beards. Cuts that require minimum effort to upkeep, yet look stylish, are in high demand!"

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Barbershop Tomáše Kožíška
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