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Here are some tips for upcoming weekends

Tips for Welcoming Autumn: These events are not to be missed!

Nela Štefanová
08.Sep 2019
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The school has begun, but you definitely do not have to be sad. Here are some interesting tips on how to spend not only a weekend but even free nights. Prague brings many possibilities and not only lovers of good food and drink, but also athletes and winemakers will find their place.

Vintage at Prague Castle (14th and 15th September)

Try to welcome the autumn at the Royal Garden, where the 14th annual Vintage Festival at Prague Castle will take place on 14 and 15 September. You can look forward not only to fresh grape juice pressed on a replica of a historical hand press, but also to a Moravian Federweisser or wine tasting. But also children are definitely not going to get bored here. For example, a fencing show or an interactive competition with the Prague Castle exhibition will be prepared for them.

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Source: zdroj: vinobrani na Pražském hradě

Run for the Chicken (September 14)

On Saturday, September 14, there will also be a charity adventure run for the whole family in support of the Pomozte dětem fundraiser. The event will take place in Vypich, Prague, right in front of Obora Hvězda. The start is scheduled for 16:00, the children's run will start at 5 pm and the main run at 21. There will be a rich accompanying program, concerts, action performances and much more.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

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Udělejte dobrou věc!
Udělejte dobrou věc! Source: instagram: @Behprokure

The reborn Civic Swimming Pool

The oldest preserved river baths have come to life again after a long reconstruction! Not only the whole building, but also the garden and interiors have been renovated, so it is definitely worth coming to see the elegant new design, which has given the swimming pool new glory. The new Czech-French restaurant is cooked under the baton of Czech chefs, Jan Mužátka and Filip Hošek. Both graduated from the prestigious Paul Bocus Culinary Institute in Lyon. Nothing beats the beautiful view of the Vltava River and the Old Town.

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Krásný výhled, že?
Krásný výhled, že? Source: @obcanskaplovarna

Holešovice full of food (September 15)

Holešovice district in front of Cross Club will smell of food from all over the world on the 15th. Professional and amateur chefs will present the best of contemporary street food. Galettes, pancakes, tacos, pizza and hamburgers can be enjoyed.

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Těšit se můžete na dobré jídlo
Těšit se můžete na dobré jídlo Source: Facebook

Experience Prague differently (September 21)

Get to know your favorite Prague neighborhood from a different angle. Neighborhood festivals, which will be held in Prague this year at 85 locations, will allow you to meet a lot of interesting people where you live. Ready for you will be refreshments, workshops, theaters, concerts, but also various discussions and the opportunity to try various sports activities. The festival Zažít město jinak has been taking place since 2006 and its goal is to revitalize public spaces and bring people closer together.

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Source: Facebook

It seems that we will definitely not be bored in Prague in September. We have already chosen our tips where we are going. And what about you?

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