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Interview - Tips by a stylist: How to shine on New Year’s Eve!

Tereza Janatová
18.Dec 2016
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The end of the year is approaching, so why not welcome in the new one flamboyantly? New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to let loose a little! Forget about your daily ten-minute make-up routine and make yourself the star of the evening! Míša Pohádka, a professional in the field and stylist to celebrities has a few tips for you. And watch out! She reveals in the interview that men too have a chance to shine! How? Read on! 

Míša has worked as a stylist for eleven years. She works for TV Nova, TV Prima, TV Barrandov and Stream internet television. You can see her work every day on newsreaders and presenters in the news and other programmes which these stations broadcast. You can also see her work in projects such as Masterchef, Jak se staví sen, Mladší o pár let, Vyvolení, Topstar magazín, Vip Prostřeno, Česko na talíři and the series Přístav and Gympl s ručením omezeným. So many famous people have “passed through her hands” that it would take forever to name them all here. Despite this, she also enjoys styling clients from the ranks of “mere mortals”. She says that it is amazing to see how they rediscover their lost self-confidence thanks to correct use of decorative cosmetics.

Christmas is coming, as is New Year’s Eve. What sort of make-up would you recommend?

You must have noticed in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle while racing around shops that sequined blouses are everywhere, as are neon dresses with glitter or sparkling accessories. These shiny materials have also been projected into the latest make-up trends. Forget about matte eyeshadow and bring out the glitter, metallic eyeshadow, sparkling pigments and shiny blushers. You can afford all of this on New Year’s Eve.

Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze
Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze, Praha 1

A TIP for those who don’t have any experience with loose glitter: First coat the upper lid with an eyeshadow base – creamier ones are ideal as the loose glitter sticks well to these. Never spread glittery eyeshadow, only apply it by pressing it on, otherwise the glitter will fly all over your face. I personally recommend starting with the eyes. Once you have finished your eye make-up to perfection and the glitter is stuck on, take a damp cloth and clean your skin thoroughly. Apply your make-up as the very last step. In doing so, you will avoid people stealing your glitter all evening. The eyeshadow will stay where it is meant to be.

A TIP for those who want to keep a low profile: Those who find make-up too extravagant yet who like this metallic look can opt for a subtler alternative and use silver or gold liquid eyeliner. It looks wonderful!

Other than that, I recommend a classic which you can never go wrong with – smoky eyes. You can never spoil anything with this sexy evergreen and then just add red lipstick. All you need is mascara, thin black eyeliner, passionate sexy red lips and you are a goddess.

What are people actually wearing at the moment?

If you want to be IN, made sure to buy black liquid eyeliner and start practising! It requires patience, but after a few attempts, your eyes “will be sorted”. You can then play around with the width of the eyeline according to the occasion. You also have to have red lipstick. Are you scared of bold lipsticks? Winter is perfect for them. Our skin is usually lighter, not tanned, so it is precisely these darker lipsticks (be they red, burgundy or claret) which give us some flair. Also forget about layers of powder. The basis today is created using highlighters and hydrating make-up. So buy a skin spray for your handbag instead of powder. This will fix your make-up properly in place and give you a natural look.

What do women most frequently forget about?

In my opinion, they most frequently forget to adjust their eyebrows. The eyebrows are after all one of the basics. They determine the expression, the shape and create a frame for the whole eye. Anyone who is uncertain about shape should put themselves in the hands of a professional/cosmetician. The biggest mistake is eyebrows plucked into thin lines.

TIP: Spray a little hairspray onto an eyebrow brush and comb your eyebrows. They will keep their shape wonderfully all day long.

Where do women most often make a mistake?

One of the mistakes which I tend to see is use of the wrong shade of make-up. Although you think you are able to judge the shade in the shop under artificial light on the back of your hand (who thought of doing it on the back of the hand???), I would leave the choice to an expert. They will try out the make-up directly on your face and recommend the right shade which will look natural, in particular in daylight. Also, be careful of using heavy layers of corrector. We have extremely fine wrinkles under our eyes and if you emphasise these with a massive amount of corrector, you make yourself look a lot older.

TIP: Above all apply your make-up at home in daylight. It doesn’t distort things and doesn’t cast unnatural dark shadows which force you to needlessly layer. The worst thing is when you put on your make-up under the bathroom light and then look in the mirror in the car only to discover that you look like you are heading for the circus.

What things do women underestimate in terms of skincare?

Women sometimes place emphasis more on decorative cosmetics than ones which care for the skin. But the fundamental thing is still beautiful, healthy, hydrated skin, well-groomed eyebrows and fresh lips. You can then reduce the contents of your “make-up case” by half. Don’t forget the natural look is still a never-ending trend. 

Could you tell me one, at most three things which women should not skimp on as regards make-up? And why?

You should definitely make your biggest investment into high quality make-up. You want to have the perfect skin whatever your age. Everything is reflected in our skin, our lifestyle, what we eat, lack of sleep and the right make-up can improve your appearance more than anything else. Better quality make-up usually contains higher quality ingredients, protects the skin, lasts longer and makes a more flattering impression.

As opposed to women, men cannot hide behind make-up. How can men care for themselves to ensure that they look well-groomed?

Unfortunately, there are not so many decorative cosmetics for men. They are left with only the skincare products. Thanks to hormones, men’s skin is much greasier and more pliable, so it is more women who have to resolve problematic skin. They also form wrinkles later. According to the studies, women’s skin already starts to age after the age of 25. Men do not start to get more wrinkles until they are around 45 (unfair!). In addition to that, if men have a few wrinkles, that tends rather to add to their charisma. It seems to me that it is pointless to give men advice nowadays. They routinely already go for cosmetic procedures, manicures and pedicures and with the arrival of the “lumbersexual”, you can find a Barber shop on every corner.

What do men most often neglect?

Czech men first and foremost neglect fashion. But that is beside the point here. I would like to appeal to all of those men who have succumbed to the “lumberjack” trend and have grown a full beard. If you have chosen this style, please gentlemen make sure that you look like a sexy woodsman and not a hairy tramp. I have met so many men who I would not even kiss on the cheek thanks to their neglected full beard in which I would probably even find yesterday’s dinner. Regular visits to a barber shop or a few minutes of care every day really do make a big difference.

Fast confession:

Eyeliner or eyeshadow?

Eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Make-up or powder?

Definitely powder!

Mascara or an eyeliner pencil?


Bun or ponytail?

If you are older, a ponytail. If you are younger, a bun.

Red lipstick or clear gloss?

Lipstick and gloss. Not at the same time. Only lipstick and only gloss.

A beautiful model or an ugly one?

A beautiful model! What would we do with an ugly one?! But it is possible to make an ugly one into a beautiful model.

Chignon or short hair?

Short hair.

Blonde or dark hair?


Male or female model?

Male model for me.

Beard or clean-shaven for men?


Extravagant make-up or classic?


Smoky eyes or bold lips?

Both eyes and lips. Not at the same time. It depends on the occasion. But I do like smoky eyes and bold lips. According to the type.

Natural daytime make-up or evening make-up?

Daytime make-up for the day and evening make-up for the evening. And don’t mix them up!!

Name three items of make-up which you yourself could not do without.

Mascara, powder, blusher.
Question by the interviewee to the editor:

What are the three things you could not do without?

Eyebrow pencil, mascara and lipstick!
Míša: The eyebrows, that didn’t occur to me! The eyebrows are really important! So that eyebrow pencil too!
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