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After spending a few days in these Czech chalets, you'll return amazingly relaxed

TIPS for 5 luxurious chalets: It's time to get inspired for New Year's Eve!

Mgr. Jana Höger
15.Oct 2019
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Chalet Joseph Mine

Chalets are a Czech mountain phenomenon, and we really do have some serious gems here that are worth admiring, that goes without saying. The saying that every Czech is either a cottage or a cabin person is still true. If you want to get some real rest, see the beauty of Czech nature, we'll show you where to head to for the most beautiful cabins from different parts of the Czech Republic.

1. Chalet Joseph Mine, which prides itself in having the real luxurious alpine interior

The luxurious Chalet Joseph Mine is located in Josefův Důl in the Krkonoše mountains, 600 meters above sea level. All rooms are furnished in the traditional alpine style, equipped with modern comforts, dazzling one's eyes. There is also a wellness zone including a hydromassage tub, a relaxing waterbed and a steam shower with a sauna for one. Should you desire a different kind of recreation, the chalet is located only 10 minutes by foot from the Jedlová waterfall, 5 km from the Josefův Důl reservoir, and 10 km from the Souš reservoir. Prices start at 6,000 CZK a night.

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Chalet Joseph Mine
Chalet Joseph MineSource:

Joseph Mine ubytováníSource:

2. Chalupa na Vyhlídce (Cottage with a View) - where you can really challenge yourself

Chalupa na Vyhlídce is situated among the beautiful hills in Jeseníky. Lovers of any and all mountain sports can really indulge in here. Are you one of them? You will be living only 3.9 km from the deadly ski slope Na Smrťáku. What is waiting for you here? Extraordinary accommodation in the exceptional interior of a spectacular cottage, relaxing in the garden, or time spent cycling or hiking. The prices for one night start at 1,921 CZK.

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Chalupa na Vyhlídce
Chalupa na VyhlídceSource:

Chalupa na vyhlídceSource:

3. Abertamy in the Ore Mountains offers a lovely scenery and beautiful nature

The Abertamy Cottage cabin is located in Abertamy, a town lying 2 km from the ski resort Plešivec and 12 km from artificial ski slopes. The cabin has three bedrooms and its capacity is 8-10 people. If the weather is pleasant, you can go hiking. If you come here in winter, you can enjoy skiing to your heats's content. The price is 2,300 CZK per day.

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Abertamy ubytováníSource:

4. A gem hidden in Jizera Mountains

The five-star Chalupa v Jizerkách (Cottage in Jizerky) offers accommodations in Albrechtice in Jizera Mountains, 24 km away from Špindlerův Mlýn and 34 km away from Karpacz. It is a log cabin with a bedroom capacity of 10 people. If you decide to come here, it will certainly captivate you with its look and will take you back into the carefree time of your childhood. Back when everything revolved around a stove emanating a pleasant aroma of grandma's baking. The price for 5 nights starts at 25,000 CZK.

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Obývací část a nádherná kamna, chalupa v Jizerkách
Obývací část a nádherná kamna, chalupa v JizerkáchSource:

Chalupa v JizerkáchSource:

5. Chalet at the famous ski resort Harrachov

Chalet 6 Harrachov is located 2 km from the famous ski jumping hills where the world ski-jump championship was held, and only 1.4 km from the ski tow at Čertova Hora. The cottage is interesting because of its 3 storeys that can easily accommodate up to 10 people, and a beautiful sun terrace. The price for two people is under 9,000 CZK per night.

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Chalet Harrachov interiér
Chalet Harrachov interiérSource:

Chalet v HarrachověSource:

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

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