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These luxurious pens meet all the criteria. Their simple, clean design and sleek style is strongly addictive. You will want nothing else!

Tip for a Christmas Present: Original Ink Pens, Kayu. “When you Love Design and Nature”

Mgr. Jana Höger
05.Dec 2018
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Kayu wooden pen

The aim of the Czech brand, Kayu, is, by using an ink pen, to overcome a certain stereotype. To overcome the idea that ink pens are nowadays used only to sign contracts. At the same time to show that a quality craft may, despite any situation, always prevail.

Hand production of ink pens is a luxury hobby for Michal Klaška, his work and life passion at the same time. 

"I make ink pens and I love it. It took more than three and a half years to fine-tune everything into the current phase and before the ordinary office worker who liked arts and humanities was turned into a fine craftsman. And when I look back, I am still amazed how much I develop with Kayu myself. Ink pens are currently my life and it is beautiful."

Wood like no other

The vast majority of wood comes from “recycled” massive blocks. Whether these come from exotic or Czech trees, Kayu seeks to obtain new wood, also from various craftsmen. The coloured parts are made from aluminium, turned from aluminium bars and pipes, brass parts are made of brass profiles. The tip of the luxury pen and the converter are plastic-metal affairs originating from German manufacturer, Schmidt. Magnetic parts are made to measure in Asia.

Kayu means wood in Indonesia.

"This word has a beautiful sound, it looks beautiful written down and its shape contains a lot of meanings," added Michal Klaška, who undertook a journey through Bali and this word just became his favourite.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

Today's modern times and an ink pen, does it even go together?

You would be surprised when you realise the advantages of an ink pen. Writing with a pen saves your wrist and carpal tunnels. It improves the look of your handwriting and you will certainly be original!

There are three types of luxury pens available. A custom-made pen, Kayu Egino & Puru may be had for CZK 3,000, ultralight Kayu 130 for CZK 4,000 and Kayu Kuka for CZK 1,000.

Are you already thinking who would be delighted by this luxury present?

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