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Learn more about the phenomenon called TikTok

Tik Tok conquers the Czech Republic! Krajčo relieves himself in a pot, Dagmar Havlová remains a lady

Nela Štefanová
26.May 2020
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Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat are a thing of the past. These days, the number one social network is an application called TikTok. If you keep in touch with at least one teenager, you've probably heard of it before. This global phenomenon has already enticed more than 800 million people around the world. Half of the users of this platform are between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four. And the other half? That includes, for example, celebrities such as Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne Johnson or, if we wanted to stay in our Czech waters, former First Lady Dagmar Havlová, Ben Cristovao and Richard Krajčo!

The TikTok social network, which originated in China, enables users to create fifteen seconds to one minute long videos. You can use this time to shoot anything that comes to mind. Literally anything. Your awkward dance or singing attempts, your lunch break, jumping on the trampoline or walking your dog. The video can subsequently be enhanced by various effects, stickers and, above all, music of your choice. Don't look too deep into it, the crazier and funnier the video, the more viewings and "likes" it gets.

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Source: rawpixel

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

TikToker as a job?

Just as you can earn decent money with Instagram, it's possible to achieve a pretty nice regular cash flow with TikTok. As an example, let's take a look at the world famous stars who know how to succeed on this platform. We've already mentioned actor Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock", who's currently one of the most watched celebrities on TikTok. The 48-year-old professional wrestler has 24.9 million followers on this popular application. His videos, which show the actor working out rapping with his little daughter, have already received 136 million likes. According to the British daily Metro, these numbers mean that the actor could earn around $ 105,000 for a hypothetical sponsored add on TikTok, which is 2.6 million crowns. All of that for a single sixty-second long video. Sounds like an awesome summer job, right?

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Source: instagram: Therock2

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Dwayne se svou dcerkou vystupuje i často na Tik Toku
Dwayne se svou dcerkou vystupuje i často na Tik Toku Source: instagram: TheRock2

Man in black as a runner up

In second place, right behind Dwayne, is the 51-year-old actor Will Smith, whom you're bound to rememeber from the film Men in Black or Bad Boys. The charismatic Will is watched by 24.5 million fans on TikTok. When you browse through his shared videos, you'll come across such gems as the actor doing a funny dance, getting dressed in a blink of an eye with the help of special effects, or singing a song from the fairy tale Aladin in his car together with an animated teddy bear. Thanks to his frequent interaction with fans, Will would also be able to make a large sum of money by making a sponsoded post. Other celebrities who rock TikTok include Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo or Justin Bieber. Naturally, they can also earn a pretty penny with their high numbers.

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Source: instagram: willsmith_fan

If you're not ticking, you're not Czech

But let's return from abroad and have a look at how we're doing with TikTok in the Czech Republic. You probably won't be surprised to hear that singer Ben Cristovao, who belongs to the top stars of Czech Instagram, is also reaping success on TikTok. Currently, Ben is watched here by 142,000 fans and the number is sure to keep growing. In his videos, the singer dances, whistles or cuddles with animals. He doesn't really need to do more. Ben seems to be growing his fanbase in a natural way.

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Source: instagram: bencristovao

Krajčo relieves himself in a pot

The frontman of the band Kryštof, Richard Krajčo, on the other hand, has to fight for his sunny spot on TikTok. On his channel, you'll find a wide range of posts, among them a video where the singer peeks into his underwear in disbelief, relieves himself in a kitchen pot or dances in the garden with his brother to a song by The Weeknd. Some of his fans find it funny, others can't believe their eyes.

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Source: instagram: richard a karin

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Source: instagram: richard a karin

Dagmar Havlová remains a lady under all circumstances - even on TikTok

The first lady of the Czech Republic, Dagmar Havlová, was also a source of astonishment when she opened an account on TikTok. Don't expect any bizarre posts from her, though. In her videos, Dagmar shares with her fans experiences from a river cruise on the Vltava, or shows off her talented granddaughter, who can be seen riding a horse. But is's very possible that if Mrs. Havlová tried to do a mere third of what Richard Krajčo has done on TikTok, her popularity would surpass that of Ben Cristovao.

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Source: instagram: dagmarhavlova

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