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If you want to see the musical Three Wishes for Cinderella, visit Prague Congress Centre.

Three Wishes for Cinderella Is Now a Musical!

Jana Fikotová
14.Oct 2018
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Three Wishes for Cinderella

The infamous fairy tale directed by Václav Vorlíček (88) Three Wishes for Cinderella were transferred from the film screen to the theatre stage. Though you don’t find the actress Libuše Šafránková in the cast, the original actor Pavel Trávníček plays the king. The horse Jurášek and the owl Rozárka are not missing either.

From film screen to theatre

The musical form of the story about Cinderella was adapted by the director Filip Renč, who said he had the opportunity to bring a great film fairy tale to the theatre, but had to talk to Mr. Vorlíček first. "I had to call him if he did not mind. I did not want to do anything against the will of the film author, " Renč admitted at the opening ceremony. Renč cast known and unknown faces in the play.

"I think it works very well as a whole, I'm happy with the premiere, now the project has to live its own life, and it depends on the actors," said Ren, who did not forget the animals in this story.

Live dog, horse and pigeons

Live animals were a great surprise especially for children – a live horse on the stage together with a dog Tajtrdlík and pigeons picking peas and lentils. As soon as they suddenly appear on the stage, children's faces come alive and the audience is drawn in even more. Only the role of Rozárka the owl is played by a dancer, who gives advice to Cinderella and presents perfect acrobatic elements.  

The musical definitely does not leave you uneasy. On the contrary. Director Ren

Kept the text and only put the song into the story for the main heroine. Her stepmother and stepsister Dora get a few songs, too. The new concept of stage decoration in the form of large projection panels draws the audience into action, so the illusion is practically realistic as in the movie.

Although the film fairy tale celebrates its 45th anniversary since its premiere on November 16, 2018, Three Wishes for Cinderella still have fans all over the world. This theatre form will surely find its supporters, too. You can visit the Congress Centre from the 12th of October to see a fantastic fairy tale.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Cinderella - Nikola Ďuricová / Kateřina Klausová / Sabina Rojková
Prince - David Gránský / Karel Heřmánek jr. / Štěpán Komárek / Milan Peroutka
King - Pavel Trávníček / Oldřich Kžíž / Jan Rosák
Queen - Mahulena Bočanova / Dana Morávková / Dagmar Zázvůrková
Stepmother - Jitka Sedláčková / Jana Švandová / Veronika Žilková
Sister Dora - Kamila Nývltová / Kateřina Sedláková / Anna Slováčková
Vincek - Karel Heřmánek st. / Vaclav Vydra / Vlastimil Zavřel
Preceptor - Milan Šteindler / Josef Vrána
Vítek - Lukáš Adam / Martin Kraus / Lukáš Kofroň
Kamil - Jan Komínek / Vít Levinský / Jindřich Žampa

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