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Thom Browne makes an impression of a sleek dandy. But the models he regularly presents at his shows are really wild.

Thom Browne Carnival: The SS19 Collection Was Turned into a Show of Crazy Masks!

Martina Šmalclová
08.Oct 2018
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Adventure without any borders

One of the greatest curiosities of the Paris Fashion Week is the luxury fashion show of Thom Browne. As the designer demonstrated when creating the men's collection for SS19, he knows how to be carried away by fantasy. What he created this time, exceeded all expectations. Are you ready for adventurous show without any stops? Here it is!

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

The beach season has started

The key motif for American designer, Thom Browne, is the summer. In the luxury collection of SS19 he presents everything which it entails, including towers for lifeguards or wooden changing facilities which decorated the catwalk.  

Questions without answers

The luxury collection for SS19 consists of colourful models full of bold applications and colours. Where does the model begin and where does it end? From which material is it primarily made and how many colours actually are there? Don´s even try to look for answers to these questions. The SS19 collection is full of layers, the patchwork method and incredible combinations which will make your head spin.

Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2
Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2, Praha 3

A pineapple, a whale, a sail boat… Everything that belongs to summer

Apart from the outlandish masks, the extravagant designer also included in the collection a luxury play of designs and patterns. In addition to classic check and stripes, the SS19 features playful motifs, without which there would be no real summer - sail boats, whales, crabs, pineapples, bananas and anchors.  

Back to child years

Although the SS19 collection is incredibly bizarre, we are having incredible fun with it. For example those stockings with playful summer motifs? If you have not known it yet, it is a luxurious must have piece of the next season! Therefore, you do not have to return to a nursery to be able to once again wear a piece, into which your Mummy used to dress you - it suffices to just follow the fashion trends!

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

A ridiculous performance for entertainment: welcome to a monster parade by Thom Browne!

The SS19 fashion show of Thom Browne is a typically bizarre stuff, where you constantly pull at the elbow of your girlfriend and hold back explosions of laughter... That would of course insult the pseudo fashion experts next to you, whose severe expression would exaggerate your contrary mood even more. So, welcome to the monster parade by Thom Browne!

The yellow-white banana jacket, which originally was to serve some monkey cycling training, for goodness sake - why? Or the green-pink-white fur coat, which is half made of a fox and half of some pom pom fringes? Here I would wipe off a tear over the wretched fox, because although she had to die in the name of fashion, it was an absolutely unnecessary waste, and that makes me angry.

And to conclude, we were able to see several dresses where the models have their hands tied. Hey, we know what a straitjacket is, but wouldn´t it be nicer on Thom?

The greatest FLOPS of this collection according to Ornella are to be found at the beginning of the photo gallery below the article.

Ornella Koktová
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