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These famous beauties are unburdening our planet.

They make a ton of money, yet shop in secondhand stores! Follow their example

Martina Šmalclová
13.Jul 2020
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Jitka Nováčková

From a second hand store straight to the Oscars

They earn more money than ordinary mortals can imagine and their closet could be full of models from the most luxurious fashion brands. Yet they have no issues with wearing second-hand clothes! Why? They think about nature and enjoy hunting for unique models. When they find something interesting, they don't hesitate to boast with it on social networks, or even wear their find to the Oscars and appear in it on TV.

Sarah Jessica Parker shops for herself as well as her kids

As the legendary Carrie Bradshaw, she didn't wear anything but luxurious Manolo pumps and models from leading fashion designers. But in her personal life, Sarah Jessica Parker loves second-hand shopping. There, she hunts for stylish pieces not only for herself, but also for her children. What a way to go! That's what we call leading by example.

Helen Mirren travels with an empty suitcase

British actress Helen Mirren has what must be the most original approach to second-hand shopping. She always leaves home with an empty suitcase when she travels to places with a colder climate. The only thing she makes sure to pack is underwear. Upon arrival at her destination, she asks the driver to stop at a second-hand store, where she buys clothes that she donates to charity on the way back to the airport. You simply have to love her for this gesture...

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

Winona Ryder went to the Oscars in a $10 dress

Winona Ryder is definitely not one of the stars who would be reluctant to wear their favorite pieces several times in a row. This charming actress doesn't try to hide the fact that she loves second-hand shopping, and what's more, she likes to break fashion rules. She didn't think twice before heading to the biggest film event of the year - the Oscars - in a $ 10 dress!

Anne Hathaway appeared on TV in a dress for a song

The beautiful Anne Hathaway swears by vintage and sustainable pieces. And she looked simply amazing in the talk show Good Morning America, wearing a black dress with a flower motif that she'd bought for $15.

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Anne Hathaway v černých květinových šatech
Anne Hathaway v černých květinových šatechSource: Profimedia

Alicia Silvestrone saves the planet and her wallet

Did you know that the average American throws out about 36 pounds of clothing a year? No? Actress Alicia Silvestrone will be happy to enlighten you. The blonde beauty is very troubled by the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, which is one of the reasons why she so often goes for second-hand models. And yes, naturally, it's also cheap and trendy.

Jitka Nováčková wears her boyfriend's clothes

The Czech model, youtuber and influencer Jitka Nováčková is also a great supporter of judicious shopping. She makes no secret of the fact that some models she owns have been in her closet for years, and when she's in dire need, feeling she has nothing to wear, like most women sometimes do, she doesn't hesitate to borrow a stylish jacket from her boyfriend Tim. She's trying to spread awareness about the impacts of the fashion industry on nature not only through social networks, but also through public lectures, where she is a frequent speaker.

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Jitka Nováčková v kostkované bundě a modrých džínách
Jitka Nováčková v kostkované bundě a modrých džínáchSource:

These Czechs also love to hunt in second-hand stores!

And there are other celebrities who swear by second-hand purchases in our small Czech pond. These include, for example, actress Mahulena Bočanová, presenter Emma Smetana or fashion designer Klára Nademlýnská, who has recently shown off a vintage jacket made of luxury brocade on social networks.

And what's your take on this? Will you follow the example of famous beauties and try to unburden our planet by hunting in secondhand stores, or do you feel like it's not a hobby you could dig?

Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov
Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov, Praha 1

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