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Canadians have developed a shield of invisibility

They cracked invisibility in Canada! People and buildings alike will disappear

Nela Štefanová
06.Dec 2019
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Have you ever wished to simply disappear in the midst of a life situation? Or become invisible for a while and discover secrets you would never have been able to find out otherwise? Or vice versa. What if you were backtalking someone and they suddenly appeared on the couch right in front of you? Pretty scary, right? But not unrealistic. It was only a matter of time who and how would come up with this possibility, and it seems the Canadians have cracked it. They may not have developed an invisible cloak like the one in Harry Potter, but they got pretty close. They invented a "shield of invisibility" that can hide people, vehicles, buildings or even spaceships. For real!

A Canadian camouflage company called Hyperstealth Biotechnology has made a breakthrough discovery. They were able to develop a special material that bends light so that the people and objects hidden behind it become invisible.

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Generální ředitel Cramer zkouší svů objev.
Generální ředitel Cramer zkouší svů objev. Source: Facebook:Hyperstealth

The "Magic Shield" called Quantum Stealth is made of inexpensive, thin paper, requires no power source, and unlike traditional camouflage materials, this invisible shield can work in any environment or season of the year in daylight. Light is essential for the shield to function.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

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Materiál je vyvinut z tenkého a levného papíru
Materiál je vyvinut z tenkého a levného papíru Source: Facebook: Hyperstealth

"Quantum Stealth bends objects with the aid of rays of light, like a glass of water when you place a rye of straw or a spoon behind it. I came up with a similar method, but using less volume and material thickness,"

Director General of Hyperstealth Biotechnology, Guy Cramer, who also performs the testing of the shield in videos, told an American daily.

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Jste si jistí, že vidíte všechna auta?
Jste si jistí, že vidíte všechna auta? Source: Fb: Hyperstealth

In addition to being almost invisible to the naked eye, a person or object behind the shield can also hide from infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The shield uses the so-called Snell's Law, or the Law of Refraction of Light.

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Štít dokáže ukrýt člověka i před UV zářením.
Štít dokáže ukrýt člověka i před UV zářením. Source: Fb: Hyperstealth

Even though this "invisible cloak is" already in the testing phase, it is possible that ordinary people won't be able to get their hands on it any time soon. Originally, Director Cramer developed it primarily for military purposes. It's main purpose is to help agents or army equipment, so that tanks and the like can remain hiden during a mission. Watch the video and see for yourselves!

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