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Which national costume is the BEST in the world?!

These are the 5 most beautiful national costumes. You won’t find the Czech one among them!

Martina Šmalclová
29.Jan 2019
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Mexico, Miss Universe

Inspired by Monika Leová and Tonya Graces

As a child Monika Leová suffered many a number of racist insults. Today, this beauty with Vietnamese roots belongs among the main stars of the television screen. The American singer, Tonya Graves, came into the country more than 20 years ago. According to her, she didn’t have to deal with racism to such a degree, because she was surrounded by good people. But even she heard from certain people such recommendations, such as, stop singing.

The individual interviews with these strong women full of positive energy inspired us to ‘travel the world’, and choose the 5 most beautiful national costumes. They stem from traditional costumes, but they’re embellished by modern elements. Here they are!

1) Mexico:Temperament and flair

At international beauty competitions bold and luxurious, but in everyday life more homely, but they have ever so much flair! At the sight of the national costume of exotic Mexico, we get the urge to get up and dance the night away!

2) Vietnam: The divine Áo dài

This beautiful national costume, called Áo dài, is worn predominantly by women. But during special occasions, such as weddings or funerals, they are worn by men as well. This luxury outfit tends to be made up of bold colours, and decorated with slits on either side.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

3) Thailand: True gold

The beautiful Thai costume is yet another Asian treasure, which is completely with flaw. Beautiful, womanly, and perfectly luxurious. It makes us want to say, ‘golden Thai hands!’

4) Brazil: Hot fashion from the equator

Brazilian costumes are an absolute feast for the eyes. Full of bright colours, feathers, frills, sequin, stones and shiny metals. These costumes fit Brazilian women perfectly.

5) India: The sensual and mysterious Sárí

Sárí, in lay language: a strip of fabric wrapped around the body. In fashion language: A magical piece of Indian clothing, in which a woman can feel sensuous, and at the same time unavailable. This luxury national costume cannot miss from our selection!

At the end of our gallery, you can find a traditional outfit from the Czech Republic, which is conceived in an entirely different way. The more we look at it, the more we think, that it’s worth more than just a look. It definitely belongs among the best ones in Europe!

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