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Series and reality shows worth watching.

These are 10 current hits you have to see, they're guaranteed not to bore you!

Kateřina Ostrejšová
28.Oct 2020
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Žena na gauči s popcornem

Going out is almost forbidden and cold autumn days are here. This is the perfect time to wrap yourself in a blanket at home and watch something nice on TV. You don't know what? Leave that to us. Make tea, make popcorn and take a comfortable seat. We bring you an overview of ten of this year's hits that are worth seeing!


A young Jew faces an arranged marriage to a man she hardly knows. For her, sex in marriage represents suffering, she can't even sing at home, because female singing is beautiful, but also sinful, which could have a bad effect on the men present. All this forces her to flee her native Brooklyn to Berlin. In the German capital, a group of musicians take her in. The girl tries to forget her ugly past, which of course is not easy, and it isn't quite working out for her.

After Life

Lovers of dramas and more complicated themes will certainly appreciate the work of comedian Ricky Gervais - After Life. The film captures the life of a journalist who is lonely and injured after the death of his wife. The only thing he has left in life is his beloved dog that keeps him afloat in sad times. So he decides to be 100% honest and rely on anyone around him. When something goes wrong, he can always fall back on the easier alternative - suicide.

Selling Sunset

Fortunately, the movie and series industry also has something for relaxing evenings. Intrigue and luxury properties that a group of beautiful women is trying to sell. If you are interested in at least one of these things, this series will be a good choice! New and really very expensive properties are being built and marketed in Los Angeles every day, which is confirmed by the real estate agency Oppenhaim Group, which lets the viewer get in on the action. The women from the Los Angeles agency will show you that diligence alone is really not enough.

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Love is Blind.
Love is Blind. Source:


An intense drama that contains almost everything. Look forward to the captivating story of Marty Byrd, who is waist deep in money laundering for a Mexican cartel, which forces him to move to the Ozarks in Missouri to save his family's lives. This the start of a story that will make you forget about the passage of time. Will Marty be able to appease the drug kingpin?

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Hlavní postavy seriálu Na tenkém ledě.
Hlavní postavy seriálu Na tenkém ledě. Source:

Spinning Out

It is well known that the figure skating world is nothing nice. This is also confirmed by the author of the series Spinning Out - Samantha Startton. She used to be involved in the world of beautiful dresses and sharp blades for almost eleven years. In the script, she drew from her own experience. The dream of a promising athlete to make it to the Olympics will not be easy to achieve at all. Love, family, psyche, there will be many factors...

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Seriál Playbook.
Seriál Playbook. Source:

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Love is Blind

In the days of quarantine, the reality show Love is Blind became popular on Netflix. Can you imagine saying "YES" to someone you have never seen in your life? Turn on Netflix and you'll find that it's not really unrealistic at all! Contestants don't see each other during their first dates. They are separated by a wall, through which they can only hear each other. Make some popcorn, the fun begins!


A light-hearted comedy set in a somewhat unusual environment. Three cousins ​​try to save their grandfather's taco shop in LA so that they can each pursue their individual dreams while wealthy people keep moving into their neighborhood. But can they overcome mutual animosity and run the business successfully?

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Plakát k seriálu Nertodoxní.
Plakát k seriálu Nertodoxní. Source:

The Playbook

Do you like to be motivated? Even when watching TV, it's possible! The Playbook documentary series features the coaches who led their athletes to the top, to winning championships. In addition, they reveal their recipes to spectators not only in sports, but also in life.


To close things up, a bit of drama that is perfectly fit for gloomy weather. We will find our way into 1947 and the life of Mildred Ratched, who begins working as a nurse at a top psychiatric institution. However, patients soon find out that her practices are not entirely acceptable to the public...

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Hlavní postavy seriálu Ozark.
Hlavní postavy seriálu Ozark. Source:

Drama, comedy or maybe a reality show? What will you watch?

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