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A remarkable 2 800 m2 dedicated to books at the shopping centre COEX Mall in Soul. That‘s something you should see!

There is a unique library called Starfield at the centre of a giant shopping mall in Soul.

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02.Mar 2019
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Starfield Library in COEX

The ever-evolving Asia

Where else would you look for a combination of the material world and the world of thoughts, the spiritual material contained in books? This project was developed in the form of Starfield Library, also called Open Library, which is embedded at the centre of the shopping mall. The library opened on the 31. May 2017 with the thought to attract more customers. The luxury business plan is seen over by the Shinsegae conglomerate.

Bibliophiles or iPads, visitors will come into their own

You will be able to find both magazines and books in papers and electronic form. The selection is wide, so anybody can choose from over 50 000 publications. To ensure that the readers will have a pleasant experience, there are 20 comfortable couches, in which you can sink into the story, or let a fantasy world unfold in your mind. It isn‘t possible to take any of the books out of the library, it is only possible to read them in the library, which in itself has the atmosphere of a calm and harmony-bringing oasis amidst the madness of shopping and bustle.

A wide selection of services

Apart from the fact, that the personnel will gladly help you with the choice of a book, which is available in both Korean and in English, other amenities will also draw your attention, such as: free wi-fi, air-conditioning, many sockets. It is also a place, where many interesting art exhibitions, talks or even concerts take place.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

The grandiosity of the COEX shopping centre

It is the biggest underground shopping centre in Asia. The Coex Mall is located in Soul Gangnam-gu Yeongdong-daero 513, at the Samseong and Bongeunsa metro stations. The cost of building the structure reached the incredible figure 150 million dollars.

You will find luxury fashion brands, restaurants, a massive aquarium with 40 000 sea creatures, and last but not least the unique Starfield Library, a visually appealing library, which is freely accessible to the public.

Don’t hesitate to visit it!

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