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7 Czech podcasts that are worth listening to!

Thanks to the pandemic, podcasts are more popular than ever. These Czech ones are worth giving a listen

Kateřina Ostrejšová
02.Mar 2021
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Žena má na sobě sluchátka.

During the pandemic, many of us began to develop new habits. The time we spend at home was and still is very long. One of the things that made it more bearable for us, especially last year, were podcasts! Statistics show that the Czechs fell in love with them and often preferred them to listening to music. What makes them so interesting? We will answer this question in our article, for which we've selected seven podcasts about various topics. From sport and erotica to breaking down myths that weight determines beauty.

Nowadays, you're probably familiar with the term "podcast"

A short time ago, however, this may have not been the case. Podcasts experienced a rocket boom mainly last year when 94% of people aged between 15 and 39 years knew the term. In 2019, only 42% knew what podcasting was. Audio narration has become a pleasant background accompanying normal daily activities. In fact, podcasts could be called our "ideal companion."

Unlike video or blog posts, a podcast removes the visual element. This makes it much easier to absorb information.

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Muž poslouchá do sluchátek.
Muž poslouchá do sluchátek. Source:

The leader is South Korea

According to the Podcast Insights statistics, South Korea is the world leader in the percentage of people who listened to podcasts in January 2021 (58%). The second place went to the Spaniards (40%) and the third to the Swedes (36%). Unfortunately, the statistics do not mention the Czech Republic at all.

And which podcasts do we recommend?

Vyhonit ďábla (To Jerk the Devil Off): the ladies who are not afraid of it!

Terézia and Zuzana. Two classmates from school, who became an inseparable couple, even in front of the microphone. For some, their topic may be a big taboo. For others, it's a topic that's a part of everyday conversation. Their podcast has one main theme and that is SEX, a lot of sex. They talk about their first experiences, embarrassing moments, and things that others shouldn't be afraid to share, too. As they themselves say, "We're all doing it, aren't we?"

In addition, Vyhonit ďábla won the 2020 Podcast of the Year Award in the Independent Podcast category.

"During the pandemic, we registered the largest increase in audience ever. But it was also influenced by an article that was published about us in the media, attracting new listeners,"

says Terézia Ferjančeková from Vyhonit ďábla.

Deep Talks: on a slightly more serious note

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Mikrofon na stole.
Mikrofon na stole. Source:

If you want to educate yourself, get inspired, and listen to content that tackles more serious topics such as the value of life or the meaning of work, then you might be interested in Petr Ludwig's podcast called Deep Talks. During his conversations with guests, he discusses topics such as politics, coronavirus, or life balance. The last episode, for example, deals with the topic of critical thinking.

U Kulatého stolu (At the Round Table): if you are interested in everything

The format of this particular podcast is difficult to define in one sentence. There's one rule, however, and that is that Martin Klesnil and Patrik Fiala meet at one table together with an interesting guest. Their discussions tend to be a bit longer for one simple reason - they delve deeply into the topics and the listener can look forward to information that guests do not normally share.

The duo of men won the Křišťálová Lupa award for their podcast last year.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Sádlo (The Lard): a newcomer among podcasts

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Žena si drží své břicho.
Žena si drží své břicho.Source:

The first episode was released only this January, but in our opinion, it needs to be included in our list.

"Influenced by the comments I have been exposed to since childhood, I have come to the conclusion that having a slim figure is fundamental. It's a factor that determines my value and my chance to find a partner, to be popular, to be successful. It took me many years to understand that my body is mine: I am responsible for it, but I am not obliged to conform to other people's ideas,"

says Ridina Ahmedová, the author of the podcast Sádlo, who wants to explain what the ideas of "ideal beauty" are and that most of them are completely wrong! How do girls who don't have 90-60-90 proportions handle it? That is what Ahmedová tries to figure out in her podcast.

MMA LETEM SVĚTEM (MMA Around the World): for martial art fans

Now let's look at something completely different. Martial arts have been at the peak of popularity in recent years, as is MMA. And it is this podcast that takes listeners to the domestic and global MMA scene, evaluates current matches, and simply provides all the necessary information.

Ve vlastní šťávě (In Its Own Juice): food, food, and food again

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Grilované kuře na stole.
Grilované kuře na stole. Source:

And it's time for our beloved food and cooking! The Czech Radio podcast dissects gastronomy literally to the pulp! Fish, homemade bread, burgers, or a healthy diet. There's space for everything.

Each episode features a different guest who's an expert in the discussed field. So, chop-chop, the kitchen is waiting!

Vinohradská 12: the king of public podcasts

We cannot forget the giant from the public media! And that is definitely Vinohradská 12. If you're in a hurry and don't have much time to read the latest news, listen to this podcast. It touches on current events in the Czech Republic and around the world. Usually, it's about 20 minutes long, as it briefly summarizes everything essential.

So, which one is your cup of tea? Have you listened to any of them, yet?

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