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Modernista is a unique project designed to offer to the public the best and most luxurious of Czech design of the twentieth century; across all sections: applied art, jewellery, furniture or toys.

Thanks to the Company Modernista, Faded Things from the 20th Century Come to Life Once again!

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Oct 2018
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Modernista showroom

Modernista as for a "Modern company”

Modernista has been operating in the Czech market since 1999, having behind its belt many dozens commendable acts as a specialist in Czech design and applied arts. The company focuses not only on collection and restoration of rare and luxury chandeliers, lighting, ceramic bowls, comfortable sofas or metal chairs, but also on its own production. The light of the world was also seen by the captivating collection of ceramics of Pavel Janák, Rudolf Stockar and Vladislav Hofman or home accessories of the world-renowned architect, Josef Gočár.

Modernista´s other faces

In addition to these diverse interests, the field of their operation also extends to interesting projects with partners such as Prague-Up and Coming. It is a unique and luxurious visual guide of the most interesting places and events in Prague. The company is pro-active also in the field of business, because it manages several shops in Prague. There has been a museum shop at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague as far back as 2004; in 2009 then a gallery shop at Rudolfinum and Obecní dům.

Honour the tradition, be modern

That is the main motto of this company, which has become a proud partner of the Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, KRH or participated in the implementation of designs of entire interiors, such as the meeting room Wikov. For the Wine Society it provided stylish 30´s furniture and also delivered furniture to Villa Garnini´s several main rooms. In cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague it created a re-edition of toys from the 1st half of mid 20th century by Ladislav Sutnar.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

What is Czech, is beautiful.

Praise the Czech masterpieces, skills and ideas. Therefore, three times hurray to Modernist that it painstakingly took on the wok to rediscover the beauty of shabby things. They are now made to order and enrich the homes of those who are able to appreciate the hallmark of honest craftsmanship and luxurious skills. 

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Modernista Pavilon Vinohradská 50 120 00 Praha 2 tel: 224 241 300