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Charming model Tereza Maxová is turning 49 today. LP-Life wishes her all the best!

Tereza Maxová celebrates her 49th birthday! A year before fifty, he looks absolutely fabulous

Martina Šmalclová
31.Aug 2020
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2 minutes
Tereza Maxová

The blue-eyed blonde with expressive features, which charmed even the fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld, will blow out 49 candles on her birthday cake today. And while some of her colleagues have opted for botox ages ago and visit cosmetic surgeons as often as their parents, Tereza avoids stays clear of similar procedures. Despite that, few people can guess her age! Come and see together with, how the charming beauty climbed to the top of modeling scene, and how beautiful she looks today alongside her beloved family.

Model almost turned lawyer

At the age of four, the native of Pardubice moved with her family to the North Bohemian town of Ústí nad Labem, where she later finished an elementary school with a sports and athletic focus to continue her studies at a grammar school in Prague. After graduation, she was accepted to study at the Faculty of Law of Charles University, but quit two years later. Who knows if Tereza wouldn't be a successful lawyer today, if she hadn't left for Paris with Eva Herzigová to try her luck in modeling back in 1989.

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Tereza Maxová na fotce z devadesátých let z Paříže
Tereza Maxová na fotce z devadesátých let z PařížeSource:

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E. Herzigová, T. Maxová, V. Vařeková, K. Kurková, D. Peštová
E. Herzigová, T. Maxová, V. Vařeková, K. Kurková, D. PeštováSource:

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Eva Herzigová a Tereza Maxová
Eva Herzigová a Tereza MaxováSource:

Dior, Gucci, Chanel...

But fate wanted it differently, and Tereza started he stellar career that very year. Soon, her face adorned the front page of British Vogue, followed by the front pages of the magazines Elle, Glamor and Marie Claire. Naturally, the model also walked in fashion shows of the most luxurious brands such as Dior, Prada, Gucci, Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent and became the face of the brands La Perla, Oriflame, Hermés, Donna Karan or Vichy. She posed in front of the camera for the most famous photographers, such as Patrik Demarchelier, Peter Lindberg and Maria Testina.

She dedicated her life to charity

Despite earning princely sums of money, Tereza remained firmly on her feet. Rather than becoming entitled, she tried to use her success and fame to help others. When she visited a wet-nursing institution in Prague in 1996, her life turned upside down. It was then that she decided to start a foundation. For more than 24 years, the model and her team have been striving to help those who are essentially dependent on the help of adults - children.

Luxusní byt po rekonstrukci Praha 1 - 69m
Luxusní byt po rekonstrukci Praha 1 - 69m, Praha 1

Family is her source of happiness

Tereza is not one of those who go looking for scandals and she seems to be living a really happy and contented life. Her relationship with tennis player Frederik Fetterlein, whom she had married in 2000, didn't work out, but for a couple of years already, the model and Turkish businessman Burak Oymen have been a harmonious couple. They got married in 2016 and are raising their children Mina, Aiden and a son from a previous marriage, Tobias, together.

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Tereza Maxová s manželem
Tereza Maxová s manželemSource:

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Tereza Maxová s rodinou
Tereza Maxová s rodinouSource:

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Tereza Maxová s maminkou
Tereza Maxová s maminkouSource:

Neither botox, nor surgery!

Writing this article, we've pretty much come to the conclusion that the recipe for youth lies neither in botox nor in surgical treatmens, but in simple human happiness! Just look at how beautiful Tereza looked like a few days ago during her visit in Prague or while relaxing by the pool...

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Tereza Maxová v Praze
Tereza Maxová v PrazeSource:

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Tereza Maxová v černých plavkách
Tereza Maxová v černých plavkáchSource:

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Tereza Maxová v plavkách
Tereza Maxová v plavkáchSource:

More photos of Tereza Maxová can be found in the gallery at the end of the article.

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