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Street art speaks to all generations

Teach your grandma to make graffiti: Senior street artists went wild in Prague! What did they end up tagging?

Karolína Lišková
15.Oct 2019
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Can you imagine your grandma picking up a spray bottle and "throwing up" a piece of street art on the wall that's worthy of a street artist such as Banksy? That's exactly what is going to be happening in the streets of Prague in the near future. The Czech artist operating under the pseudonym Sany or Kitty Laura is holding workshops specifically for seniors, where she teaches them how to do street art properly.

Správně oděni a připraveni si hrát.
Poprvé v životě držela v ruce sprej.
Výtvory vycházejících umělců.

This type of workshops is very popular. According to the artist there are many programs for kids and young people, but not many people pay attention to the older generation. So she and her team set up a nice afternoon for the Czech pensioners.

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Pyšní senioři a jejich výtvory.
Pyšní senioři a jejich výtvory. Source: archiv

Coffee first, then spraying

A group of elderly citizens first watched a presentation while eating home-made buns and drinking coffee, from which they learned something about the history of graffiti and street art, which in itself brought about a lot of questions. Then the seniors received stencils out of which they cut out a picture.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

They then transferred those onto a canvas. Sany had first equipped them with raincoats, masks and gloves so that they wouldn't come to harm because of the permanent colors. Outside the Trafačka gallery in Holešovice she then explained the basics of spray painting - how to choose colors, what distance and which nozzle to use to achieve the desired result.

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Není to jednoduché.
Není to jednoduché. Source: archiv

Girl Power

"We had a really nice weather, and you can immediately see it at everyone's faces. I think that all attendees had fun, you can see it in the pictures too, they were even asking me where they can buy spray paints to try it at home."

Sany, who made a name for herself by creating the Girl Power documentary in which she introduces fifteen female graffiti artists from fifteen world cities, smiles happily. Sany has decided to express the emancipation of women through graffiti in her documentary in 2008, and give women a chance to express themselves through it. Because most people associate this form of art, especially the illegal kind, with men.

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Umělkyně Sany nejdříve skupinu seznamuje s technikou sprejování.
Umělkyně Sany nejdříve skupinu seznamuje s technikou sprejování.Source: archiv

Delighted seniors

Most seniors learned about the event thanks to the Prague Seniors' club that they attend.

"I had no idea what I was getting into, but my husband and I really enjoy it. We'll definitely buy some spray paints and try it out at home. Our kids and grandkids are bound to be surprised,"

a 73-year-old pensioner from Prague laughs.

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Třiasedmdesátiletá důchodkyně z Prahy si vysprejovala Prahu.
Třiasedmdesátiletá důchodkyně z Prahy si vysprejovala Prahu.Source: archiv

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