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Tattoos are a lifestyle, tattoos are a drug

Jana Fikotová
18.Aug 2017
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David Beckham

Tattooing has undergone a range of changes, both in terms of appearance and symbolism. Formerly, a tattoo was a stigma, but today it has transformed into a symbol of individualism and personal expression. Tattoos are equally popular among famous actors, singers and athletes as they are among mere mortals, where they have become a massive hit. 


Infinity arrow – the hottest trend

The symbol of infinity connected with an arrow. There have been previous attempts to evolve the classic symbol, such as the characteristic figure eight, but the infinity arrow is the hottest trend of the moment.

Linear tattoos – a celebration of geometry

It’s about minimalism, simplicity and a schematic image with contours and geometry. Overall, it looks like it was drawn with a think pencil. This luxurious technique creates very simple patters, such as the infinity symbol, but also flying birds or human faces.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Dotwork tattoo – thousands of small dots

A modern form of tattooing consisting of thousands or even millions of tiny dots, black or coloured. They are organised in a way to create the impression of shading and luxury.

Double exposure tattoo – luxurious patterns

A modern tattooing method based on the “double exposure” pattern. This means that a seemingly simple tattoo has an interesting filling, such as the contour of a butterfly filled in with a floral pattern. This luxurious tattoo style may be black or coloured.

Blackout tattoo – black surfaces

Covering a large part of the body with black ink, e.g. the entire forearm, calf, neck or back. You can also make specific patterns of these images, e.g. stars, which will remain the colour of the skin.



Justin Timberlake

He has tattoos on his chest, left shoulder, right arm, back and ankle. His most striking tattoo is a large cross on his left shoulder symbolising his faith in Jesus Christ. On his back between the shoulder blades, he has a guardian angel, which is considered rather luxuriously eccentric. This tattoo bears the initials of his mother and is dedicated to Timberlake’s twin sister, who died at birth.

David Beckham

On the left side of his abdomen he has a tattoo of Jesus Christ copied from the painting “The Man of Sorrow” by Matthew R. Brooks. It depicts Jesus on the path to the cross. The former footballer also has a cross tattooed on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades and another angel on his right shoulder, which keeps watch over his four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. His right arm is decorated with the numeral VII, which he wore on his jersey when playing for Manchester United.

Robbie Williams 

He’s had a Celtic cross in his right thigh since his time in Take That. His left arm is covered with traditional Maori tattoos. His right shoulder boasts a luxurious lion’s head with the texts “Elvis Grant Me Serenity” and “Born To Be Mild”. On his wrists he has tattoos that say “Jack Farrell”. He has an angel on his right forearm, and “I love u mother” in Old English on both. Around his neck is the text “Chacun A Son Gout”, which means “To Each His Own” in French. He has the notes of the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” tattooed on his lower back. His wrist is also decorated by tattooed hearts, his abdomen by a flock of swallows, and the word “LOVE” is tattooed on the fingers of his right hand.


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