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Tantric massage or encountering yourself with or without an orgasm

Jana Fikotová
31.Dec 2017
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Tantra masáž

Let yourself be pampered and allow your body to open itself more deeply. Tantric massage can have a therapeutic level, treat emotional injuries and also affects physical health. Learn to utilise your sexual energy in the form of tantra.

Tantric massage
Tantric massage
Tantra masáž

What is a tantric massage?

The basis is the conscious and gentle touch of the masseur and the attitude and wishes of the massaging individual. The goal is to release blocks that prevent pleasure and happiness. It is linked to sexuality, but is mainly about the art of everyday meditation. This massage is a deluxe perception of the person’s whole body and soul. It uses sexual energy, the client is given the opportunity to relax, concentrate on himself alone, become aware of and experience his feelings. It usually lasts for two to three hours and the client does not touch the masseuse, because the energy would be disrupted. Erotic massages focus on the goal, mutual touching is permitted and they are much shorter.

“Frequent visitors to tantra studios are wealthy wives of busy businessmen or people without energy. The age range is various. Young people seek a luxurious inspiration, older people enjoy it as a deluxe life experience.”

When you say the words tantric massage everyone immediately thinks of the word orgasm. However, the question is not whether it is appropriate to experience an orgasm during a massage or not, but how you actually feel during a massage. Tantric massages may also include an intimate massage of the lingam, but this is an energetic and healing massage. It places no requirements on you and is pleasant, whether you have an erection or not, which does not determine how masculine you are. This attitude, if it is experienced and accepted, helps treat your relationship with your own body and sexuality. Tantric massage always respects and accepts what is happening right now.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

If an orgasm is experienced during the tantric massage, this is our body’s involuntary and natural response and is accepted without judgment or shame. Everything is all right, whether you experience an orgasm or not. Tantra is specific because it teaches to experience an inner full-body orgasm, a state of absolute pleasure, independent of physical orgasm (ejaculation).


A prostate massage is a very deep experience of surrender and inner ecstasy. It is also a healing massage, because it helps prevent issues with the prostate. This massage is part of the overall tantric massage (on request), during which the masseuse gradually relaxes you and prepares you so that you can experience this massage as a pleasant feeling. The prostate is initially massaged externally (through the perineum) and then internally (through the anus). Lubricants are used as a matter of course and energy is regularly distributed throughout the body. You should not feel pain or any unpleasant feelings during this massage. The actual length of the prostate massage is individual.


This is a touch technique, during which the vaginal tissue is gently massaged and sensitivity is “mapped”. The benefit is improved sensitivity and a heightened experience during sex.


Scars from caesarean sections in particular are treated from the physical and emotional aspect. If a scar is regularly massaged it is not as painful after a few sessions and disappears over time.


A basic touch massage costs around CZK 2,000 and lasts for 100 minutes. A classic tantra massage usually lasts 120 minutes and costs CZK 3,000. In the case of a deluxe tantric massage we are talking about 180 minutes and a price of around CZK 4,000. As well as individual deluxe massages, you can also experience a tantra massage with your partner or enjoy a five-hour royal massage.


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