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You can also take a picture of this beauty underwater

Take a photo of yourself as a celebrity and become a mermaid for a few hours!

Karolína Lišková
26.Sep 2019
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2 minutes
Lucie Vondráčková jako mořská panna.

In today's modern technical age we can constantly stream, take pictures, shoot videos. Basically, we take pictures constantly and of everything. However, when it comes to important events such as wedding or pregnancy, we hire professionals, whom we are willing to pay a fortune for perfect images. Underwater photography is one of the new trends in creating beautiful photos. In the Czech Republic, Lucie Drlíková is working in this field, with whom the singer Lucie Vondráčková shot pictures recently.

Mermaiding se zpěvačce zalíbil.
Fotografka fotí i obyčejné lidi.
Kostýmy i rekvizity si Drlíková vyrábí sama.

She let herself immortalize as a mermaid. Lucka has always loved water and sports, and in return all photographers love her. “I was taking pictures with Lucie before, so I knew that even this photo shoot would be fine. In addition, this time her sons came along for the photo shoot because they wanted to try swimming with fins. All three of them were amazing models, ”said photographer Lucie Drlíková.

“I wanted to try being a mermaid and boys enjoy this style of swimming. The ordinary splashing around does not keep them entertained for too long. But this? Not only is it great to strengthen the whole body, but they also really enjoyed it for quite a while, ”

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

the singer laughed, saying that her older son has already experienced swimming with a monofin in Canada. Lucie herself fell in love with the mermaiding sport.

"I'm sure, I'll try it again," she promises.

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Lucka se pod vodou cítí jako doma.
Lucka se pod vodou cítí jako doma. Source: Happy Tails

It's not for free

But do not think that such beautiful luxury looking photos, are only for celebrities to have. Drlíková makes no difference between clients. “I like to take pictures of pregnant women. Women feel good underwater and you can see it in the photos. There are a lot of daughters taking pictures for their mothers as gifts or whole families, ”says the photographer.

She also admits that taking pictures is not a cheap investment . They have to rent a swimming pool, pay two assistants to take care of the client's security and the photo shoot, underwater makeup, costumes and props.

A pregnancy photo shoot costs ten thousand Czech crowns and a big four-hour photo shoot, which includes makeup, fifteen thousand. She is also a make-up artists for her clients.

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Lucie Drlíková fotí klienty v bazénu i moři.
Lucie Drlíková fotí klienty v bazénu i moři.Source: Lucie Drlíková

One deep breath

Shooting underwater is not particularly difficult. Lucka explains in detail how to behave underwater, when and how to open eyes, how to move. The client will stay below the surface only for the time that they last for one deep breath. Drlíková emphasizes the client's safety and well-being.

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