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Not a fan of Valentine’s day? Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of it! There are countless discount offers.

Take advantage of Valentine’s! 5 discount offers, which you’ll definitely like

Eva Ledecká
08.Feb 2019
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Luxusní šunka

Various companies and brands try to offer us something with discounts at every opportunity. And it doesn’t matter, whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s day. We’ve done some research and found 5 luxury discount offers, that you’ll definitely like!

2 drinks for one price
Luxurious holiday cheaper
Delicious Ham leg with discount

1. Two for one drinks

Fruitisimo will offer a new sale offer in the form of ‘love drinks’ from 11.2 to 28.2, with 50 % off. And how are these fantastic fruit cocktails called? ‘Srdcovka’ (Passion) and ‘Amorek’ (Cupid)! If you’re an avid drinker of fress juices, then don’t miss out on this opportunity!

2. Discount on a Ham leg

They say that love comes through the stomach, but does it count if it’s a whole ham leg? Yes, it apparently does! The half-kilo Jamón boneless in a luxury Valentine’s packaging is on offer on Slevomat with a 53% discount. The expiration date is 30.3, so you’d better hurry, lovers of this meat delicacy!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

3. Smart travelling by bus or train

Regiojet has the discount offer ‘Single Valentine’s’, thanks to which you can purchase tickets in the dates from 7th to 14th February for their buses and trains with a 60% discount! You can travel for this price from the beginning of this offer until the end of March. So get ready for a trip!

4. A 1000 Kč discount on a vacation

Discounts are also offered by Blue Style. If you’re going to book a last minute trip with the departure date not later than 30.4, you can check the box ‘Valentine’s discount’, and receive a 1000 Kč discount on your booking. You have to make your booking between the dates 4.2 nad 18.2. Where would you like to go?

5. Books for a special price

Wherever you go, a good book is always handy. And we have something for the ladies. Do you read romantic novels? You’ll have the opportunity to buy books of this genre at Luxor (for example in Palladium) with a 20% discount in the dates from 11. to the 14.2. Don’t miss out!

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