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If you are looking for balance, concentration and peace, you will find them in the slow and precise movements of the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai chi. A luxury show of graceful movements more than 400 years old will help even nowadays.

Tai chi: a luxury style of martial arts

Eva Ledecká
08.Jan 2017
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Tai chi excels in its graceful movements which may be reminiscent of an interesting form of dance to you. While practising this martial art, you work with the inner energy pathways in the human body and regular breathing is of great importance here. Everyone can gain a luxurious feeling of calm and of being filled with new energy thanks to Tai chi. 

Tai chi
La Nuit du Shaolin
Tai chi in public area

A beneficial effect on human health

Every organ in our body has its own energy pathway or meridian. Slow movements help the energy to flow, allowing it to more easily get where it needs to go. This does however also concern physically demanding exercise including kicks, jumps doing the splits and similarly demanding exercises.

Fluency of movement and stretching all of the joints makes Tai chi a luxurious form of exercise which has a beneficial effect on human health, including mental health. It is able to contribute towards improvement of the metabolism and a decrease in cholesterol. It improves breathing and cardio functioning. Thanks to practising Tai chi, you gain new energy and calm your psyche. It thus has similar effects to yoga.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

More complicated sets of exercises are performed with various implements. Very popular and luxurious to look at is exercising with a fan despite the fact that this item is not really a martial arts weapon.

A luxury style of self-defence

It might not seem so to you at first glance, but Tai chi is a form of exercise, the main objective of which has always been and still is to gain the ability to defend yourself. If you practise Tai chi regularly, you will significantly improve the coordination of your movements, find your centre of gravity and acquire very quick reactions.

There is not only one style of Tai chi in the world. You can come across various types which were created in different regions using specific techniques which were handed down from generation to generation.

People in Europe are rapidly becoming aware of Tai chi and slowly starting to take an interest in practising it. Many martial arts festivals are contributing towards this, such as the luxury French Nuit du Shaolin which is held in Toulouse.

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