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Summer paradise surrounded by concrete

Swimming worth 42 million crowns! You'll love this water slide

Karolína Lišková
30.Jul 2020
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On these hot days, when summer has finally arrived in all its barbecuing glory, many people living in concrete blocks of flats are desperately seeking an oasis, no matter how small. Not having one they could call their own, they have to make do with a public one. With half the holidays behind them, the inhabitants of Beroun can finally let out a deep breath and relax at a freshly reconstructed swimming pool. Even if it's situated amidst concrete buildings. The swimming pool from the fifties received a financial injection worth forty-two million crowns and it shows!

Bazény mají vany z nerezu.
Děti se vyblbnou na leknínech.
Vedle plavecké části je takzvaná hrací zóna.

The place had undergone its last minor changes in the 1980s, so the mayor of Beroun is, understandably, incredibly pleased that she managed to put across a total revitalization in the last election period.

"We want it to stay here. It is the only place for sports, perhaps even the only cultural point in the housing estate. At least for a couple of months of the year, the locals can meet here,"

told us the mayor Soňa Chaloupková.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Children are having a blast on the new water slides

In addition to the new stainless steel tubs by the large pool and in the children's wading pool, visitors can use two brand new water slides, where there had previously been none. Both slides are 56 meters long, but one of them is steeper, which earned it the name Kamikaze.

"The water slide is great, it hasn't been here before, I've been riding it for several hours straight,"

a ten-year-old boy from a local housing estate rejoices.

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Tobogány mají mezi sídlišti poprvé.
Tobogány mají mezi sídlišti poprvé. Source: Karolína Lišková

The swiming pool is atypical in that it features a racing pool, which is only twenty meters long, instead of the usual twenty-five. And then there is a large area reserved for entertainment - a monkey track, a whirlpool and, last but not least, a wild river. New outdoor showers were built nearby, as well as grass turfs with irrigation.

"I must say that the reconstruction was a success. I'm on maternity leave, so I spend quite a bit of time here in the summer and the kids are excited,"

said a mother of two. The facilities for visitors, including showers and changing rooms, were also partially renovated. The house for lifeguards and the toilets have received only a new gallery so far. According to the mayor, these buildings are still awaiting reconstruction. She believes that as soon as that's done, people will be able to use the sports centre all year round, which will give the residents of the housing estate another facility where they'll be able to keep meeting in the future.

The premises were filled to the brim

Due to the high temperatures in recent days, the management of the swimming pool has to regulate attendance. The premises can accommodate about five hundred people, but interest is much higher. According to eyewitnesses, there was a huge queue in front of the entrance to the complex, and not everyone was let in. All-day admission costs 120 crowns, which is half more than in the previous years.

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