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The collection celebrates love and friendship.

Sweeter than cotton candy! Check out the new collection of Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney

Martina Šmalclová
27.Aug 2019
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Taylor Swift a Stella McCartney

The fateful friendship of Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney began after one of the singer's concerts in London. One thing led to another and after Taylor mentioned Stella in one of her songs for the new album Lover, the idea to design her own limited collection of clothes and accessories was born. And the collection they've created together is just as sweet as the story of their friendship!

Inspired by music

The Stella x Taylor Swift collection is inspired by the singer's new album Lover. As is typical of Stella, it carries in the spirit of sustainable fashion. Since the moment she started her own brand in 2001, the British designer has been at the forefront of the environmental movement and has never used fur or leather to create her luxury collections.

For all ecology enthusiasts

The collaborative collection consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets from sustainable organic cotton, recycled polyester, sustainable viscose, a vegan leather handbag or a reusable water bottle with a playful design.

Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Sweatshirt as a playlist

Although the collection is not for everyone, because some people can't be charmed by a flood of rainbow colors, the most faithful fans of the pop and country singer will undoubtedly come into their own. In addition to the luxury colorful pieces with the Stella X Taylor logo, the collection also features a long-sleeved apricot t-shirt with a list of tracks from the new album Lover on the back.

How much money should you whip out?

While the T-shirts and the water bottle can be bought for $ 35-75, which is CZK 812 – 1,740, you'll need to reach deeper into your pocket if you want a stylish bomber jacket or a handbag. The bomber costs EUR 1,495, i.e. CZK 38,570, and the handbag CZK 15,350.

The collection was prepared in symbiosis from start to finish. Stella was excited about the collaboration already in the creative process:

"What I love is how perfectly we complement each other in what we're creating together."

Taylor felt the same, rewarding Stella with similar words of praise.

“She's a long-time friend of mine and a woman whom I respect deeply. I respect what she creates and how.”

This collection was simply destined for success since the initial idea!

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