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Do you love sushi in any form? Then pay attention!

Sushi like you haven't seen: Burger, donut, fish cake or pizza! Taste cells, get ready!

Martina Šmalclová
26.Jul 2019
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Sushi Donut

Gourmet experience

If you're heading to Florida in the near future and love sushi, then you must definitely add Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi to your list of places to visit. It is here that they serve you such a luxury sushi that you will dream of it for a long time! And who does not have a ticket to Florida yet, after this article, maybe you will get it quickly.

Not every donut is the same

Sushi Donuts, Sushi Burritos, Sushi Burger, Sushi Pizza, Sushi Wrap, Sushi Hotdog, Sushi Cake or Poké Bowls - not only these goodies are served in the central area of Florida. So if you renounced cake or sweet pastry for years, the time has come for a change! And if you do not fool the taste buds, you will at least delight your eyes with these luxurious dishes.

Will the concept appear in the Czech Republic?

Although the Czech Republic is famous for its heavy and hearty cuisine, in recent years more and more Czechs have been trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and are thinking about what they eat. Just look at the queues in the saladeries that we often refuse to endure...

Will there be an enterprising daredevil who brings to the Czech market a fresh and luxurious version of sushi dishes? A similar step would certainly be appreciated by any sushi lover!

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Fish cake sounds strange, but just look at it…

So if you never thought that you would like to have a fish cake once, we recommend you to take a look at it. It may happen that you change your mind in a second... How much space in your wallet will this cake and other goodies leave you will find just below the photo.

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Sushi Cake
Sushi CakeSource:

How much should you prepare?

If you think that tasting overseas delicacies will ruin you, then you are really wrong! Sushi burgers you can get for a nice CZK 274-423, Sushi Burritos CZK 274Kč-366Kč and a sushi donut? Prepare around CZK 137-194. So off to Florida, the time has come to tickle the taste buds!

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WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi
301 N Baker St Mt Dora, FL 32757 Spojené státy americké