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Camping in the wild

This summer's trend: Camping without a campsite

Karolína Lišková
24.Jul 2020
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V Česku se nachází mnoho nádherných míst.

Everyone loves traveling these days. Every day, heavily edited photos on social networks show us new possibilities about which we hadn't heard before. But there's a catch. These destinations are either crowded by other adventurous tourists, or they're located on a private property, making it impossible for you to build a tent and start a fire. In America, the owner could easily shoot you for that; in the Czech Republic, they'd kick you out or call the police. It wouldn't be out of place to expect a fine, too. None of the options is appealing. What you want is a beautiful, clean place with romantic views only for yourselves. And believe it or not, it's finally possible to find one!

Chcete mít rybník sami pro sebe?
Přespat legálně v autě na louce jen sen mnoha dobrodruhů.
Nemusíte se mačkat v přeplněných kempech jako sardinky...

Three guys, their partners, children and dogs constantly had to deal with these small but significant issues. Everything was full of people, parties would go on until the morning hours, and the disgusting social facilities! Things like that can turn one's holidays into a nightmare in a blink of an eye. Such a shame, when the Czech Republic is such a beautiful country full of amazing places. But don't despair, if you know where to go and how to contact the owner, you can easily set camp on a private plot for a small fee. You might even find out you've just made a new friend for life thanks to this adventure...

First positive echoes

Thanks to these travelers, a new application was created. It will enable you to travel with a tent or in a camper and be completely alone in Bohemian Switzerland, on an unknown meadow surrounded by vineyards, in an orchard in the Kokořín region or in an old quarry. There are more than enough options. The map of the Czech Republic is dotted with points of interests, all you have to do is choose one.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

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Je libo večeře z kotlíku s dechberoucím výhledem?
Je libo večeře z kotlíku s dechberoucím výhledem?Source:

“Strongly recommended! Completely quiet, beautiful views, the possibility of BBQ and a gazebo to relax in the shade. An amazing experience,"

satisfied hikers who stayed in Lavender Fields share their experiences.

“Beautiful place in the middle of vineyards. Plenty of wood to start a fire and barbecue. Stylish and clean portapotty. A number of great wine cellars within walking distance. We definitely recommend this,"

travelers in a camper van who had been staying in Kučovanky Velké Bílovice wrote. However, they also had a small complaint:

"It would be a good idea to add an outdoor shower for a quick rinse."

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Léto doma jak má být.
Léto doma jak má být. Source:

Coronavirus forced the Czechs to stay at home

Thanks to the internet, it's extremely easy and fast to go camping. And completely legal, too, because the owners of the premises are registered on the website. The website is so user-friendly that even children or seniors can click their way through the selection, payment and borrowing of everything one might need in nature. Besides, due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are interested in this type of holiday.

"We have seen an enormous interest in outdoor equipment in the last few years. This year, the interest has rapidly increased due to the current pandemic situation. A lot of people are staying in the Czech Republic and want to be prepared for anything nature throws at them,"

explained Vítek Hruška, organizer of the largest Exhibition of tents and outdoor equipment in Europe, which is held in Prague's Letňany until the end of August.

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