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If you’ve always been a fan of history and love the atmosphere of the first Czechoslovak Republic, we invite you to join us at the Summer Chateau of St. Vojtěch, in the romantic Vysočina highlands.

The Summer Chateau of St. Vojtěch Offers all the Luxury of a First Republic Hotel

Eva Ledecká
20.Oct 2016
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The Summer Chateau of St. Vojtěch at night

The Summer Chateau of St. Vojtěch lies in the beautiful nature of the Vysočina hills, near the town of Počátky. It consists of a large plot with ponds, garden alcoves and tennis courts. Whoever decides to visit will immediately feel engulfed in the noble and sophisticated times of the first republic.

Redevelopment into its Original Appearance

The chateau and surrounding plots have always belonged to the Smrčkovy family. The Chateau of Vilém Smrčka was renamed to the Chateau of St. Vojtěch, since one of the branches of the spring bearing this same name goes all the way to the chateau.

The chateau, originally a summer villa, was in a very desolate condition a few years ago. It is gradually being redeveloped into its original look. The construction work is financed by the family on their own, and so far progress has been truly phenomenal. The hotel is very popular, especially due to the huge amount of care given both to traditions and nature.

Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m
Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m, Praha 5

Suites and rooms named after important persons

The chateau is open to the public since 2014 and invites guests with its calming atmosphere and unique luxurious accommodation. This cozy hotel has chambermaids taking care of its guests, always with proper respect and care. Guests can choose from 4 luxurious suites and 7 rooms.

And these aren’t your standard rooms and suites; they bear the names of important persons from the first republic, making them truly unique. You can for instance stay in the Adina Mandlová suite, with 2 balconies and a view of the beautiful park with a fountain. This suite is perfect for honeymoons.

The extravagant room of Jan Werich on the other hand has a lot to offer especially for men. It is decorated in a knightly style and the black-and-white bathroom is truly a jewel of design.

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