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The 2019 summer season is already here! What is really going to be in this year?

Summer 2019? Forget the inflatable flamingo!

Ornella Koktová
28.Jun 2019
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We all know that every summer at least one subject becomes a hit of the season. The past was marked by a flamingo. We could see him on towels, beach bags, but most of them were in about a million inflatable forms. But what's going on this year? I will reveal this to you with pleasure right now!

Retro Snapshots of Polaroid

You may be surprised, but enhanced polaroid version is the biggest hit. Photographic images with the appropriate retro of the 80s - 90s are back! But if you think that you will only put photos from it in a classic album, you are wrong! You must at least take a picture of them, place them on Instagram and, of course, use the hashtag # summervibes2019.

Hat and shells

Hats are the absolute trend. You can get them both in Zara for a few crowns and in a more luxurious version, for example, by Anna Sui for a few thousand. And authentic beach shells jewellery? You can buy them even at a common souvenir stand and it is necessary to say that it is sometimes more stylish than from famous brands.

Bikini on shoulder

All in all, this year everything is worn on one shoulder, whether it's a top, a dress or a swimsuit. I chose a truly luxurious bikini from fashion designer Johan Ortiz. This piece costs 10 890 CZK, but could I deny you a first-class style?!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Knitted beach bag

And now one of the main things for water: a bag. This year, choose a knitted version as everything that is not made of plastic is in style. Even vegan variations appeared on the market. The biggest hit is the Chanel knitted bag for CZK 114,400, which is combined with a laced mini version of the classic Chanel bag. The beach queen is coming!

Ruffles forever

Whether it is a beach dress or a candlelit summer summertime, you will not make a mistake with ruffles this year. I recommend brand Zimmermann, model VENETO FLOUNCE LONG DRESS for 31 900 CZK. Stylish, luxurious and mainly original! Therefore, do not worry and bet on extravagance. And my tip? A clear pose by the sea, immersed up to the knees in the water at sunset, of course in this dress...

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