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Shoes make the man.

Stylish footwear that famous beauties swear by. You're gonna love these 10 models!

Martina Šmalclová
02.Feb 2020
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Ellie Goulding

Even celebrities have their favorite pieces that they definitely don't return or throw away after one wearing. The proof? This luxury, sporty, sexy as well as comfortable footwear, donned by famous beauties on multiple public occasions. Will you succumb to these models as well? We've prepared for you an overview of the TOP trendy pieces, divided into categories according to the occasions you can wear them for. Are you ready for some inspiration? Here we go!

Parties and balls

The ball and party season is in full swing. The trends for this year are models on elegant heels, in fresh colors and sparkling with glitter.

Ellie Goulding: Shrouded in crystals

Talented singer Ellie Goulding donned luxury leather sandals from Gianvito Rossi decorated with crystals. This model is an absolute jaw-dropper and will make you a queen of every party or ball you choose to attend.

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Nicole Kidman: The diva wears red

At this year's Golden Globes, Nicole Kidman donned red sandals and it must be said that her flawless look was a great success, as usual. Don't be afraid to opt for passionate red, too!

Office work and business meetings

Business look doesn't have to be boring! Eva Longoria will convince you of that and Melania Trump, for a change, will prove that Louboutins are truly immortal.

Eva Longoria: Pink, it's my new obsession

Forget mundane beige, black or gray. Follow Eva Longoria's example and head to the office or business meeting in pink satin pumps. This model from Vetements + Manolo Blahnik is simply flawless.

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Melania Trump: The immortal Louboutin

Many celebrities fell for the popular black Louboutins. This model is literally a life saver! Not only will it stretch your legs up to the ceiling, it also matches everything. Singer Zendaya and Gwen Stefani, or the First Lady Melania Trump know it very well, which is why they love to wear them.

Out in the town

When getting ready to go out in the town, you might be spending a little too long a time thinking how to put together a well-matched outfit without feeling too restricted by the rules. Try it like Gigi Hadid or Olivia Culpo and put on stylish, fetching footwear.

Gigi Hadid: Wandler

Famous supermodel Gigi Hadid went for leather ankle boots by Wandler, specifically the Lina model, which looks perfect with the pants tucked in. And check this out, Gigi demonstrates the pants don't even have to be a slim fit!

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Olivia Culpo: Divine brown

American beauty and former Miss Universe donned stylish brown boots from Paris Texas made of crocodile leather and went shopping for a Christmas tree. Would you like to go shopping in a similar outfit?

Go, sports!

Sometimes there are days (quite a lot of them, actually) when you're not in the mood for heels. At such times, sneakers are the perfect rescue plan. Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber know it well.

Jennifer Lopez: Queen of trendsetting

Jennifer Lopez wears stylish Alexander McQueen sneakers as often as possible. It's also thanks to her that they've achieved such a worldwide popularity that nearly every shopaholic needs to have a pair.

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Hailey Bieber: A rebel in Off-White

Justin Bieber's wife, who seems to be spending half of her life in a gym, feels like a fish in water in sneakers. She likes this model from Off-White so much that she bought it in several colors, and we're pretty sure it's gonna look great on you too.

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Go to the store

Wherever you go, whatever you wear...

...these shoes will match both the occasion and your outfit. Alright, perhaps not if you choose to wear sweatpants. But otherwise, they are truly universal!

Gisele Bündchen: Minimalist Stuart Weitzman

Little black... No, not a dress this time, but minimalist black high-heeled sandals that will perfectly complement any outfit. You can wear them with jeans, with a skirt or an evening gown. This versatile model shouldn't be missing in your shoe cabinet.

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Kate Moss: Comfort bears the name Repetto

Kate Moss swears by comfortable black ballerinas made of luxury leather from the brand Repetto. If you belong to the fans of this model that hasn't lost its popularity in years, wear it with stylish leather shorts paired with a shirt, but also with an evening dress, just like the supermodel.

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