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You can jump, you can roll around, you can scream - main thing you're having fun

A student and a bank employee are luring adults back to childhood! Discover the sanctuary of dreams in Prague

Karolína Lišková
16.Jun 2020
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2 minutes

Do you feel a little old and worn out by life? And do you still remember the good times you used to have when you were a child? No sorrow, just laughter and play. You can feel that way again! All it takes is a trip to a new concept of a fantasy world, conjured up for you by a young creative couple. The Pop Up! is located in the center of Prague and it is a place where you can be absolutely sure that no one will judge you for your actions.

I starší ročníky se tady jenom smějí.
Dáte si vanu?
Pro ty nejmenší je to jiný svět.
Nikdy není pozdě na to, si hrát.

Medical student Tereza Philippová and bank employee Přemek Mareš are creative individuals and they put a lot of effort into trying to come up with a concept that would fulfill them and keep them entertained. They invented The Pop Up - an adventure place for all generations, although originally aimed at adults.

According to their own words, Přemek likes to take photos and shoot videos, while Tereza is into art. They realized that people enjoy going to the museum because they like nice things, but they can't take photos there, and came up with a thrilling idea. They invented a space where people can snap pictures or make videos and then share their experiences through social networks. Something similar apparently exists in America, minus the experience - it's only about taking photos.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Five rooms full of fun

"There are five rooms, each of which is different, with its own specific scent and music that helps create a carefree atmosphere. It's a place where you can relax, have fun, experience something extraordinary and let your creativity run free,"

Tereza explained, adding that anyone can close the door as they walk in and simply be themselves. For example in a room that contains nothing but balloons and mirrors.

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Kdo by nechtěl skákat do balonků?
Kdo by nechtěl skákat do balonků?Source: The Pop Up

"Our goal was to start a project that would erase the gap between generations, conjure a smile on people's faces and create a unique memory,"

says Teresa.

No crowds and queues

In order for everyone to have their own space without meet strangers in the rooms, visitors rent the whole space. You have about 15 minutes for each room. In total, you can spend an hour and a half inside.

During the quarantine period, The Pop Up was only open on Saturdays, from Monday 22 June it will be open three days a week for small groups as well as business events. An online booked ticket for an adult costs 195 crowns.

"People like our idea, so we hope it will continue to be that way. But it's hard to describe it to someone who hasn't been there, you have to come and experience it,"

smiles Tereza, whose dream children's place has already been visited by a few famous personalities.

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Nikdy není pozdě na to, si hrát.
Nikdy není pozdě na to, si hrát. Source: The Pop Up

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The Pop Up
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