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Las Vegas is the go-to city for entertainment, money and sin. Las Vegas never sleeps, especially not at its heart, on the famous boulevard called The Strip. Visit its legendary buildings with us!

The Strip: Luxurious and bizarre hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard!

Eva Ledecká
19.Sep 2017
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Las Vegas, The Strip

The Strip brings together the largest number of massive luxury hotels, which also serve as giant casinos. You can leave the place a billionaire with the city at your feet, or lose everything, including your dignity. 

The Strip is a boulevard approximately 7 km in length, and it is home to 18 of the 25 largest hotels in the world. And these are not just any hotels. They often take the form of famous buildings or wonders of the world.

Pyramid, Sphinx and Eiffel Tower

Probably the most famous building on this boulevard is the Luxor Hotel, which has stood here since 1993. It features a Sphinx and a giant pyramid made of glass, located in front of the hotel. It is one of the largest hotels in the world.

A replica of the Eiffel Tower decorates the luxurious Paris Hotel, which was built in 1997. Originally, the American Eiffel Tower, which serves as a lookout point, was supposed to be 300 metres high, but this plan was abandoned because of the airport, which is dangerously close by, and the tower was built up to half that height. 

Luxusní byt Praha 1 - 185m
Luxusní byt Praha 1 - 185m, Praha 1

Ride a roller coaster or stroll through a jungle

The New York, New York Hotel boasts a replica of the Statute of Liberty and the unique Big Apple roller coaster. Artistes from the Cirque du Solei perform at the famous Bellagio Hotel, accompanied in their mastery by a luxurious singing fountain. Stop by in the evening to be carried away by melodies from Bocelli.

Real gold will blind you on the windows of the Mirage Hotel, built in 1989 in grand style. The hotel even has its own volcano, which spews lava every day, and inside you can wander through a jungle and visit an aquarium with dolphins.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel will also astound you with its luxurious aquarium full of sharks, rays and crocodiles.

Do you know where to find the tallest lookout tower in the USA? On The Strip, of course. It is called the Stratosphere Tower and it offers luxurious views and unconventional adrenaline experiences. 

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