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This music festival, Strings of Autumn, promises luxurious cultural experience. You can look forward to jazz, folk, rap, elements of rock as well as bluegrass. All of this accentuated by the high quality of the music...

The Strings of Autumn Revealed the Programme: we Can Look Forward to Rap, Jazz, Folk as well as Bluegrass!

Eva Ledecká
28.May 2018
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Lizz Wright

As every year, this year too, Prague will be visited by sought-after musical ensembles, bands and individuals from around the world. Come with us to look at those who will in the autumn enrich Prague through music. Tickets are already available for sale.

The opening at Vítkov will introduce the composition of Terry Riley 

The 22. year of the Strings of Autumn is no exception, to be carried out in the spirit of multi-genre, discovery festival. Many musical artists will visit Prague and the Czech Republic for the first time ever. These include for example Terry Riley who wrote his revolutionary song In C as far back as 1964. You can look forward to its interpretation by Ars Nova Copenhagen under the baton of Paul Hillier at the memorial in Vítkov on the opening day of the festival 9. 10.

One day later there will be a performance of Terry Riley this time as a pianist with his son Gyan (guitar) at the concert hall of the Prague conservatory. The luxurious work of both men draws its inspiration from different parts of the world, placing great emphasis on improvisation.

Women's representation: Lizz Wright and Dagmar Voňková

The beautiful velvety voice of charismatic artist Lizz Wright will charm you on 25. 10. in Rudolfinum, in whose songs you will discover traces of pop, blues as well as country. The superb music is accompanied by meaningful texts which she usually writes herself.

Another lady worthy of admiration is a Czech songwriter, Dagmar Voňková, who has been a part of the music scene for 40 years and this year celebrates this jubilee. She sings and plays a guitar having developed several unique techniques of her play - for example, playing with a bow and using different types of tuning. You can come to her concert on 4. 11. to the Theater Archa.

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

Irish folk, Californian art-rap and experimental electronics

The festival provides space for Irish music every year. This year it will welcome a luxury duo of Andy Irvine & Paul Brady who will perform together with other 2 band members at the Archa Theatre. You can look forward to real Irish folk.

There will also be an interesting performance of California born Open Mike Eagle on 23. 10. in the Lucerna Music Bar. This representative of art-rap is to come to the Czech Republic for the first time ever, and the programme includes mainly songs from his new album. You can look forward to a very alternative hip-hop!

Daniel Lanois and Venetian Sares will show you that music genres are of infinite capacity. While Daniel plays various instruments, Venetian Snares is devoted to electronics. They admire each other and together they create luxurious music that will attract attention of all! Do not miss a unique concert on 1. 11. at Archa Theatre.

Solo recital, spirited violin, American bluegrass and passionate flamenco

Brazilian Egberto Gismonti will be introduced by his guitar and later also piano recital. His music blends Brazilian folk music, jazz as well as modern style. If you come To St. Ann Cloister on 18.10., you will experience enrapturing energy, and become familiar with one of the most demanding musical disciplines.

At the Bethlehem Chapel on 31. 10. A performance of the acclaimed violinist is scheduled, that of the Serbian star, NemanjaRadulović, whose concerts are known for riveting instrumental virtuoso attributes. Come to give in to Southern temperament!

The band Punch Brothers is to perform of 6. 11. At Lucerna, this is for a change a show of perfect American bluegrass for the 21st century and Michel Camilo & Tomatito, a unique mix of jazz, Caribbean music and passionate flamenco - in Rudolfinum 10. 11.

The luxurious festival Strings of Autumn will be held from 9. 10. to 10. 11.

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