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The prestigious music festival, which always brings the Czech public a new cultural enrichment in the field of quality music, is back.

The Strings of Autumn once again serve up brilliant music production this year! (9.10.-10.11.)

Eva Ledecká
04.Oct 2018
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Nemanja Radulović

and unexpected compositions of bands. The Strings of Autumn festival will not disappoint music lovers this year and will bring interesting concerts to luxury Prague locations.

The opening on 9th October will unconventionally take place at Vítkov.

This is the first time the opening concert will take place at the National Monument at Vítkov. Due to the more complicated accessibility, a special bus will be operated by the Strings of Autumn, which will take you from the Želivského metro station. Terry Riley will perform at the opening concert with “In C”, which he wrote back in 1964. One day later in the Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatoire, he will perform along with his son Gyan, who will accompany Terry, playing the piano, on guitar.

An invitation to Irish folk and a solo recital

Andy Irvine and Paul Brady are brilliant musicians who stood at the birth of the Irish folk scene. You will be able to see their concert on Wednesday, October 17th at Archa Theater.

Egberto Gismondi is a Brazilian artist who will perform two solo recitals in one evening: on the 18th of October from 6:00 pm on guitar and from 8:30 pm on piano. Gismondi is a graduated pianist, but he is incredibly apt also on guitar, which you can see for yourself this year at the Anežka Monastery thanks to the Strings of Autumn.

Open Mike Eagle and Lizz Wright will show African-American charisma

Open Mike Eagle is a representative of the hip-hop line at the Strings of Autumn. He creates so-called "art rap," which is rap based on the valuable poetry he writes. He will perform at the Lucerna Music Bar on 23. 10. The majestic environment of the Rudolfinum will be flooded on 25th October by the bewitching voice of Lizz Wright, whose music carries a wide range of traditional American musical styles.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Violin, electronics and bluegrass

As mentioned at the beginning, the Strings of Autumn bring a broad range of music every year. The genius virtuoso Nemanja Radulovic will amaze his audience with vigorous violin playing at the Bethlehem Chapel on October 31st, Daniel Lanois and Venetian Snares will take you on a journey full of unexplored musical corners by boldly linking electronics and the art of multi-instrumentalists on November 1st at Archa Theater.

Well-known soloist Dagmar Voňková will perform in the same place as the only representative from the Czech Republic three days later (November 4th) and will surprise everyone by being accompanied by guests who put together this special concert for the Strings of Autumn. The band Punch Brothers will perform in Lucerna on November 6th and will present bluegrass for the 21st century, linking country, jazz and classical music.

The festival will be concluded by a duo of amazing artists – pianist Michel Camilo and guitarist Tomattio. On November 10th in Rudolfinum, you will be witnesses to a strong experience when a unique mix of jazz, Caribbean music and flamenco fills the hall.

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