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Story of the New Generation: Mirka and Kuba in Marital Études of Hana Třeštíková

Eva Ledecká
13.Mar 2019
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Helena Třeštíková started of the phenomenon hit of time-lapse documentary cycle, named Marital Études, in which she captured the fates of married couples; from their marriage in the 1980s for a period of six years. Now, her daughter Hana is here after seven years of movie making, bringing new stories set into the 21st century. In cinemas the document Marital Études: The New Generation will be presented on 21. March.

Love from a techno party

He: a carefree boy, full of energy. She: a reckless pretty girl with long dreadlocks. The two got together through having the same opinions, hobbies and love for techno music. Where did they get to after 7 years of family life? This will be traditionally revealed by a new document.

Hana Třeštíková recorded the life of five couples, of which Kuba and Mirka got space for a feature film. The other 5 films will be broadcast in the autumn of this year by Czech Television in its abbreviated hour-long version, same as the film Matrimonial Études: The new generation.

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Differences between the 80´s and the 21st century

Helena and Hana Třeštíková agree on fundamental differences between couples who began their life together in the 1980s and those who started family life in the beginning of the 21st century. While in the 1980s, people got married much younger and especially for pragmatic reasons (loans for married couples, flats from state) today they get married at a much later age, often when they already have children and the reason for it is mainly a seal of their relationship.

Money, mortgages, housing - the main problems of present-day families

Behind the fundamental problems which Hana recorded when shooting the film are finances - mortgages, housing. Kuba and Mirka didn´t avoid these current problems and take a bigger bite than they can bear. Will their relationship survive the many setback, or will they give up despite the initial promises and go separate ways? And how did Hana Třeštíková managed to follow up on the very successful time-lapse documentary series of her mother Helena?

Don´t miss the new document! In cinemas from 21. March.

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