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How do you view the world today? Do you think that it lacks something, or perhaps that perhaps there’s something that shouldn’t be in it? Steve Cuts showcases his opinion through luxurious illustrations. We’d now like to invite you to his virtual gallery.

Steve Cuts: the Sad Truth of Today’s World

Eva Ledecká
06.Oct 2017
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Steve Cuts’ collection of illustrations titled The Sad Truth About Today's World offers a certain perspective of today’s world. His luxurious work is sometimes shocking, sometimes entertaining, but mostly really hits the mark. 

Steve Cuts, based on his illustrations, seems to think that the world should be different. He believes that there’s too much consumerism, a stark gap between the rich and poor, lies and fake news, and that people spend too much time in work and are too stressed due to chasing money, luxury and things we actually don’t need. But these are just a few of the themes you’ll find in his luxurious illustrations.

Studying the arts instead of working at McDonalds

Steve Cuts comes from London; the European metropolis where we can find all the wonders of today’s Western civilization. At one point in his life, he had to decide: go work at McDonalds, or study the arts? Luckily he chose the latter. Before he started his solo career, he worked at Glueisobar as the main concept artist.

Luxusní byt Praha 1
Luxusní byt Praha 1, Praha 1

Illustrations full of creativity, humor and truth

Join us and explore the luxurious virtual gallery of this unique artist, who likes to criticize the modern world and the society he himself is a part of. Steve Cuts claims that the madness of humankind represents an infinite source of inspiration for him. His work exhibits humor, a lot of imagination and undeniable talent. His illustrations often have people taking the form of animals in order to further emphasize the sad human situations they depict.

Steve Cuts’ illustrations are thought provoking. We all know that today’s world indeed has many imperfections, but is it really that bad?

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